Summer Cine Nafplio - I just broke up, August 9th 2018

One of the greatest theatrical successes of recent years in Athens travels for the first time in Greece. The theatrical play entitled "Molis Chorisa" (I just broke up) comes to Nafplio, at Cine Nafplio, on Thursday, August 9th 2018 for a unique performance.

What might happen, when a birthday party and a separation occur at the same time? How complicated can things get, from a voicemail message? And what happens when you finally say "I just broke up"?

The theatrical play of Vassilis Myrianthopoulos and Vangelis Hatzinikolaou, that the audience and the critics loved, first ascended in 1998 and filmed in 2008, tours for the first time all over Greece, directed by Vasilis Myrianthopoulos, in a new unique version!
A wild party and a separation will mark this theatrical summer and viewers will participate in the most "in" birthday party of the season. Cast and viewers laugh and dance together, resisting everyday life and demonstrating that life has its own color and that separation needs having a good time.
This will be the greatest party of the summer!

Performance identity
Written by Vasilis Myrianthopoulos and Vangelis Hatzinikolaou
Directed by Vassilis Myriannthopoulos
Sets: Valentino Valasis
Lightings: Vlassis Theodoridis
Costume Designer: Sofia Dristella
Produced by Methexis Productions

90 minutes

Joyce Evidis, Gogo Brebou, Kostas Kappas, Thomais Androutsou, Maria Konstantaki, Tripodis Christos, Elina Malama, Dimitris Zografakis, Andreas Voulgaris, Stratis Dalagiorgos


General entrance
12 € (unemployed, students, people over 65, large families)

Tickets pre-sale
10 € at the "Cine Nafplio" entrance and electronically at or at 11876.
OGA tickets apply

2107622034, 6943290294

Cine Nafplio, Μόλις Χώρισα, Methexis productions, Molis Xorisa

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