Trianon Theater - "Cabbages and Laughter", November 4th 2018

The children's theatrical scene of Christos Tripodis and the theatrical company "Methexis" presents for the first time in Nafplio, at the Trianon Theater on Sunday, November 4th 2018, the original musical for children by Tasos Ioannidis "Lahana and Hahana" (Cabbages and Laughter).

A modern musical for children with exceptional contributors, famous actors, video projections, imaginative backdrops, colorful costumes, with parrots, hippos, butterflies, fairies, with barcarolles, trains, roller skates, in the rhythm and the magic of the performance's songs.

Tassos Ioannidis wrote the music and the script, with songs that are smart, sweet, funny, that besides their educational usefulness, they are also very entertaining. Along with Christos Tripodis, he directs a performance with action, imagination, laughter, joy and singing, characters very familiar from everyday life of children and others imaginary, taken from the world of dreams.

Fotis Spyros, Vassilis Zois, Fei Psomadakis, Anna Vassiliou, Alexandros Saripanidis, Julia Spyropoulou, Michalis Tripodis and Christos Tripodis.

Music - script: Tasos Ioannidis
Directed by: Christos Tripodis - Tasos Ioannidis
Choreography: Anna Athanasiadis
Production: "Methexis" Theatrical Productions

At 11:30 and at 18:00

Tickets pre-sale 7 € - "Indie Shop" records store (23, Plapouta str., tel. +30 27520 26941) and at
General Admission 8 €
OGA tickets apply

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M +30 6943290294
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Did you know that?
The show has the approval of the Ministry of Education and the script by Tassos Ioannidis is original.

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