Trianon Theater - Karagiozis in the Carnival, February 10th 2019

A "Karagiozis" performance from the "Makris" Shadow Theater arrives in Nafplio on Sunday, February 10th 2019 for two performances at Trianon Municipal Theater, in the center of the old town.

About the play
The carnival period starts and everyone in the "Serai" (the Pasha's palace) is working hard, to present the best Carnival ever! Everyone dresses in the most beautiful and elaborate costumes. Confetti and paper warfare spread everywhere...
The Pasha is thinking of starting a contest, that will make the city residents design and build the most beautiful and imposing carnival chariot.
Karagiozis and his whole group of friends take part in the Carnival and decide to build the chariot, which will eventually make it to the top!

Will you help Karagiozis and his friends in the construction? He is waiting for you, in a performance full of colors, dancing and laughter! ...

Performances / hours
Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 11:30
Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 17:00

Tickets price
5 €

Information / Reservations
Τ. +30 695 1219739
Τ. +30 694 2939699

Did you know that?
Greek Shadow Theatre has reached a two hundred year old tradition. With Ottoman references combined with locally developed characters, it was established at its peak as the most popular form of entertainment.
Karagiozis, the protagonist, is an authentic folk hero and the depiction of the folk spirit, which continues to bring laughter and entertain audiences of all social classes and ages.
The Shadow Theater of Kostas and Babis Makris has been carrying Karagiozis' voice for two generations throughout Greece.

 Karagiozis sto karnavali Nafplio