Trianon - "Wedding March", Saturday, April 8th 2023

Γαμήλιο εμβατήριο Τερζάκη, Gamilio emvatirio Terzaki

On Saturday, April 8th, 2023, the Hermionian Theater Group returns to Nafplio, to present its new theatrical production -and first for 2023- the "Wedding Rehearsal," by one of the most significant Greek writers and playwrights, Angelos Terzakis, which had been postponed from Monday, April 3rd.

About the play
One of the most significant modern Greek theatrical works of the 20th century. In a Greek town during the interwar period, a family that has lost their father and has four unmarried daughters, places all their hopes on their son, who is in Athens. When he returns, he does not do so to help his family, but to sell whatever is left of their possessions, covering up his mismanagement of his work. The family collapses, and the rebellious daughter decides to take matters into her own hands. However, every revolution is bathed in blood. The pioneering text, written to explore gender relations as well as the trajectory of the women's movement, which was booming during that period.
Angelos Terzakis wrote the Wedding March during a transitional period for Greek society, aiming to highlight the depressing climate, suffocating atmosphere, and intense social inequalities that prevailed in Greece in 1930. In this atmosphere, women, who suffered the most, were suffocating under the economic hardship, social prejudices, and especially the authoritarian perceptions of patriarchal society. The reaction of the oppressed in these cases is destructive, both for themselves and for their environment.

Angelos Terzakis (16 February 1907 – 3 August 1979)
Greek writer of the "Generation of the '30s". He wrote short stories, novels and plays.
He was born in Nafplion in 1907 and lived there until 1915. Then he moved to Athens, where he finished school and studied law at the University of Athens. He made his first appearance in Greek literature in 1925, with the short story collection "The Forgotten". He took part in the war of 1940 and documented this experience in some of his short stories and especially in his book "April". In 1969 he was awarded the prize of Literary Excellence of the Athens Academy. He died on August 3rd 1979 in Athens. His son, Dimitri Terzakis, is a noted composer.

Γαμήλιο εμβατήριο Τερζάκη, Gamilio emvatirio Terzaki
Γαμήλιο εμβατήριο Τερζάκη, Gamilio emvatirio Terzaki

Direction: Dimitri Sideris
Sets – Costumes: Ion Xipolias, Dimitris Sideris
Music: Thodoris Broutzakis
Lighting: Ion Xipolias

Eleni Dakou, Vicky Papazoglou, Ioanna Mexi, Aliki Paziou, Venetia Kostelenou, Pantelis Todoris, Artemis Aivaliotis, Costas Pentedekas, George Pellas, Yiannis Kaimasidis.

Theater in Nafplio (Syntagma Square)

Date / Starting time 
Saturday, April 8th 2023 at 20:30.

Ticket cost
8 €

Information / Reservations
+30 698 698 2224

Did you know that?
The performance is co-organized by the Hermionian Theater Group and the Municipal & Cultural Organization of Nafplio.
The Hermionian Theater Group is a Civic, Non-Profit Group of Amateurs actors. It appeared on the cultural map of the Prefecture of Argolis and the province of Ermioni in April 2009, aiming to promote and cultivate the art of theater.

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