Vouleftiko - Educating audiences in Ancient Drama, April 16th 2018

The program “Educating audiences in Ancient Drama” and the Action “Dialogues”, continue with a third meeting –as scheduled- on Monday, April 16th at Vouleftiko (1st Parliament building) in Nafplio, hosting as a guest the famous director and actor Thanos Papakonstantinou.
The director of the ancient Greek tragedy “Electra”, to be played in Epidaurus on 20th and 21st of July 2018, is delivering a workshop on the practical application of this ancient drama entitled "Re-negotiating the myth: the case of Electra". Participants will have the opportunity to either follow the action as listeners - viewers, or to participate in the experiential part, in order to explore together with the director in a physical and creative way the possibilities of truly approaching the play.

The discussions and the open workshops of the Action “Dialogues” will continue in Vouleftiko Nafplion, according to the following schedule:
May 7th  - Kostantinos Dellas (“Antigone” of Sophocles)
May 21st  - Martha Frintzila (“Prometheus Desmotis” of Aeschylus)

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Did you know that?
For the year 2018, all the actions in Argolida are inspired by this year's theme of Athens and Epidaurus Festival, “the State and the Citizen”, and they include a series of experiential workshops addressed at students, teachers and adult residents of Argolida, as well as groups of visitors from all over the world.
The program is carried out by experienced drama teachers, theatrologists, directors and theater artists, under the scientific supervision and collaboration of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival and the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Peloponnese.
The actions are being coordinated by: Tzortzina Kakoudaki, director and education consultant at the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus, Christina Zoniou, acting lecturer at the Department of Theater Studies and Angeliki Tsakona, a theatrologist and theatrical teacher at the action “Creative Employment for Children” at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.
The program “Educating audiences in Ancient Drama” of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, is supported by the Municipality of Nafplio, under the auspices of the Regional Directory of Education of the Peloponnese, in collaboration with the Inspection of Antiquities of Argolida.


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