Vouleftiko - Educating audiences in Ancient Drama, February 18th 2019

On Monday, February 18th 2019 the "Educating audiences in ancient drama" programme starts again and will be held for the third consecutive year in Argolis, with the support of the Municipality of Nafplio, in collaboration with the Department of Theatre Studies of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Peloponnese.

The programme’s activities are addressed to residents of Argolis of all ages and groups of visitors from all over the world, who make educational visits to Epidaurus. These activities are run by experienced theatre educators, theatre theorists, directors and theatre artists, under the scientific supervision of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival and the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Peloponnese.

Workshops, theatrical/educational activities and lectures will be structured around this year’s theme: Reinventing ancient drama on the contemporary stage. The most suitable plays, those whose themes can be better adapted to the needs and goals of the individuals attending the programme and their education level will be selected out of all the Epidaurus Festival 2019 performances. Directors, choreographers, actors and other theatre artists, who are already hard at work preparing performances for this year’s Festival in Epidaurus, come in contact with the Argolis audience through discussions and experiential workshops on the themes of the plays that will be presented in the summer of 2019.

The "Dialogues" action this year (2019) is inaugurated with the director of the "Eumenides" tragedy of Aeschylus, Mrs. Georgia Mavraganis.
So, as part of the "Dialogues" action, on Monday, February 18th 2019, the director of the performance "Eumenides", to be presented at Epidaurus ancient theater on June 28th and 29th 2019, as part of the trilogy "Oresteia" of Aeschylus, is delivering a workshop entitled "Eumenides: Now, either I instantly perish or I rejoice the sun".

Participants, after reading extracts from this tragedy, will have the opportunity to explore what ritual/function is the third -and yet not so well-known - part of "Oresteia".
In particular: Orestis, a mortal, is being pursued. The purification of the god is not enough for him to be redeemed from the torment of his persecution by the Erinyans. He will need to be cleansed through a city and its human law.

So, how is this purification finally conduced? Is it really achieved? How does it arrive to become the purification of the Life of all people? And finally, why is the theater necessary in all of this?

The venue
 Vouleftiko (1st Parliament building) in Nafplio

Meeting time
18:00 - 21:00



The discussions and the open workshops of the Action “Dialogues” will continue in Vouleftiko, according to the following schedule:
February 18th 2019 - Georgia Mavraganis, director (Eumenides of Aeschylus)
March 4th 2019 - Giannis Kalavrianos, director (Iphigenia in Avlis of Euripides)
April 8th 2019 - Giorgos Sambatakakis, theatrologist (Oedipus Tyranos of Sophocles)
May 6th 2019 - Sophia Paschou, director (Theogonia of Hesiod)
May 27th 2019 - Konstantinos Markoulakis, director (Oedipus Tyranos of Sophocles)

Did you know that?
The program is carried out by experienced drama teachers, theatrologists, directors and theater artists, under the scientific supervision and collaboration of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival and the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Peloponnese.
The actions are supervised by Georgina Kakoudaki, theatre theorist, director and Athens and Epidaurus Festival's co-curator for educational programmes; Christina Zoniou, who teaches acting at the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese, and Angeliki Tsakona, theatre researcher and educator for the Creative Children workshop of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival.
The program “Educating audiences in Ancient Drama” of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, is supported by the Municipality of Nafplio, under the auspices of the Regional Directory of Education of the Peloponnese, in collaboration with the Inspection of Antiquities of Argolida.

Georgia Mavragani director, Γεωργία Μαυραγάνη σκηνοθέτις
Μαυραγάνη Ευμενίδες Αισχύλου, Mavragani Eumenides of Aeschylus, Eumenides workshop in Nafplio

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