Bouquets for ... distinguished brides!

After choosing the wedding dress of your dreams, having combined the appropriate hairstyle and makeup that suits you best, it is time to select the ultimate accessory, that will complete your image and that is no other than your bridal bouquet. A personal affair for every bride, as gentlemen future bridegrooms "grant" the right of choice to their beloved one, so that the bouquet that they offer on that day will be of her taste and express her aesthetics perfectly. Because, therefore, bouquets usually consist of true flowers, it is important to have the appropriate flowers at the right time! 

In the winter, when the cold is dense and the atmosphere is rather damp, choose resistant flowers, such as thick-leaved ones, without many thorns. The beautiful, "blurred" shades of green, which refer to the season and their particular shapes, make them unique. For you, that simply know what you want, amaryllis is the best choice, a symbol of determination and sparkling beauty and will bring out the color to your bouquet. Still, the orchids that exist in plenty of colors, are available all year round, as there is the possibility of import. Our list could not be complete if the anemones were missing, the iris, the camellias, blooming late January, but also the narcissus, which is so nicely combined with freesia and hyacinths. Also, do not forget the humble cotton. Combine it with cinnamon sticks and pine nuts for the ultimate winter effect. And since our goal is the wedding bouquets that stand out, one or more almond branches will definitely make the difference in your wedding bouquet! 

If you have chosen the spring for your wedding, take advantage of the season and give the necessary beauty to your bouquet, since many varieties of colorful flowers are blooming. Some of what we recommend is the beautiful freesia, as a symbol of class and innocence, the charming little butterfly, which is available in many colors, the peony, flowers that create aristocratic compositions, that fit most wedding styles and symbolize good omen in your marriage. They look great with olive leaves. Yet, the imposing hydrangeas with their large flowers and the beautiful dahlia, are uniquely combined with roses and more. A favorite and special option is the lilac, with its rich aroma, that offers harmonious combinations with flowers of any color. Leave in your path vivid spring images and intense fragrances, spreading a sense of well being.

So now, we have reached the most popular season for weddings, the summer. You will need to pay special attention to the choice of flowers, to be able to keep your bouquet fresh and unaffected by the high temperatures -as far as possible. Durable, with its own distinct beauty, is calla lily, a symbol of happiness and purity that suits a marriage, standing alone, ensuring the elegant style you are looking for. Moreover, in our summer proposals, we include the gladiolus, which you will find available in a variety of colors, the aromatic gardenia, and chamomile for romantic compositions, as well as the amaranth, which is offered for impressive hanging bouquets. Of course in the summer, dried plants such as stalks, lavender, and wheat can also fit the picture; they can still coexist with gypsophila and roses. Very becoming to the summer season is also the Mediterranean bougainvillea, with which you can create countless combinations, as it adapts to any style you intend to follow.

If again the autumn season it is a time that becomes you, then you should not leave out of your wedding bouquet the chrysanthemum, a symbol of optimism, found in various varieties and colors. The beneficial calendula is another option, whose orange and yellow color refers to the style of autumn. We suggest combining it with green foliage to bring it up. If you like bright colors, you can enjoy them in the autumn. One of the most impressive flower of this season is the aster, with many choices in colors for all tastes. If you join it with alstroemeria flowers, the result will fascinate you. If you wish for a more romantic bouquet, the hyacinth, having its own ornamental value, definitely provides the corresponding style. Combine it with veronica for even more impressive results.

So "Live Happily Ever After"; our very best wishes, and do not forget that "Discover Nafplio Weddings" experienced team is right beside you on the way to realize the wedding of your dreams!

Photo Source: Discover Nafplio Weddings, Pinterest

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