Candy Bar wedding Ideas

Love is sweet, just like life, but certainly nobody can picture it without dessert... So, naturally desserts cannot be absent in a wedding, where they will complete the sweet words and the guests' wishes to the couple. The candy coffin and the cake at the end of the meal might have been the usual habit until recently, but a new fashion comes to satisfy the sweet lovers... It is called Candy Bar.

Candies... typical, or rather not...
Candies nowdays come in many flavors, sizes and shapes, some so imaginative that really impress you to see; for example cute ones like pebbles, so realistic, that you will surely get confused. Beautiful glass bawls and a variety of candies, that will turn the table into a guests hot spot!

The tradition to the taste...
Traditional syrupy sweets -among others- made by the hands of the mum and sometimes the mother-in-law, the grandmother and by anyone that has a talent in pastry. In your choices, "baklava" in individual portions, "saragli", but also "galaktoboureko" (custard filled pastry) and "ravani". Perfect vintage trays from grandmother's dinnerware and her embroideries on a buffet used in the old times...

"Très Joli", as they say in french!
French delicacies acquire their honor and a space at a Parisian candy bar with high tarts-plates. Macaroons, eclairs, mille-feuille and "sou" sweets dipped in chocolate, tarts and croissants will put your guests into a sweet temptation.

Cupcake dream
The famous cupcakes occupy a prominent place in a candy bar, with plenty of colors and flavors, along with cakes of various sizes and ingredients!

Do not forget to include sachets or boxes, preferably printed with a "Thank you" message to the guests, so they can take some home and always remember the beautiful day with the... sweetest of thoughts!

Come along with the Discover Nafplio team, to create together the most "sweet" memories of your wedding!

Photos source: Pinterest

candy bar, wedding, sweets, love, marriage, nafplio, discovernafplioweddings, cupcakes
candy bar, wedding, sweets, love, marriage, nafplio, discovernafplioweddings, cupcakes