Christmas... a time of dreamy baptisms!

Christmas ahead... the favorite celebration period of the young and old! What lovelier, than planning your baby's baptism on those festive days... He will surely enjoy for his whole life shiny photos and memories full of Christmas sparkle!

Why choose Christmas?
Besides being a very dear festive period for everyone -even more so for children- it is very likely that the name you choose for your child will be celebrating on December -a double joy!
An equally important reason is the spirit of the holiday itself, which comes from the family moments. Is there a more beautiful occasion for your loved ones than to be together in such a joyous and special event?

Start with the invitation card
Imagine what a wonderful surprise it would be to send your guests a Christmas invitation! Choose whatever printing you like: a snowy landscape, an adorned fir-tree, the sledge of Santa Claus, animals or whatever you have thought about the subject of the baptism!

The christening items
They cannot have anything of the festive atmosphere! Themed paintings on the christening candles and on boxes with Christmas figures, clothes from velvet fabrics and elegant shoes, testimonials having wooden motifs of snowflakes or stars and tufts referring to charms are the ones you should definitely choose.

Christmas decoration
Elements that prevail… the red color that dominates those days, and naturally the green of the fir-tree. They are used equally in baptisms of both sexes. Combine them primarily with checkered motifs and details with earthy and warm shades, for a more natural effect or with gold, silver or bronze metallic touches, to enhance the magic of the day…

Use items that the festive days require
As a centerpiece, a bell of glass, which can have inside small lights, snowflakes, small reindeers, squirrels and walnuts is a nice idea, or something more classic, such as apple or pomegranate with greenery. You can even place a small Christmas tree or branches decorated with lights and pom poms on each table, as well as the classic Christmas wreath, a symbol of good luck! Another nice idea is to decorate the tables with a beautiful composition, inside small sleds and lanterns.
For even more impressive decorations, choose something from the Christmas popular tradition and capture it in the decoration, such as the traditional boat, the little drummer or the elves and goblins, for a more sly and playful tone!

Do not neglect the fun at the table!
Christmas tunes, animateurs appearing as Santa Claus and elves as assistants, a photo booth with sleigh and reindeer, and even a manger can be set up for photographs! 

The food on the table
As this particular season imposes, select a menu with turkey, pork and various salads with pomegranate, pine nuts and chestnuts. The sweets should not be neglected, such as the traditional "kourabie" or the "stolen", the "melomakarona", biscuits, traditional "diples", the "vasilopita" cake, the "tsoureki" (bun), chocolates and lollipops everywhere! But drinks should also be offered in a similar style: hot chocolate, red wine flavored  with spices and raisins, various fruit liqueurs and -naturally- juices!

No mysteries are held from December 18th to 25th, namely the days of Christmas fasting, as well as January 5th, the eve of the Epiphany, and of course on this actual day, January 6th.

So choose Christmas period for a dreamy baptism and contact the Discover Nafplio Weddings Team, to help you bring out together the glow attributable to your little star!

Photos source: Pinterest

Βάπτιση τα Χριστούγεννα, Christmas baptism
Βάπτιση τα Χριστούγεννα, Christmas baptism
Βάπτιση τα Χριστούγεννα, Christmas baptism
Βάπτιση τα Χριστούγεννα, Christmas baptism
Βάπτιση τα Χριστούγεννα, Christmas baptism

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