Morning Wedding

If you are among the couples who love waking up early in the morning, then a morning wedding is perfect for you. And there are many couples nowadays, who choose to have their wedding in the morning. The truth is, that it offers several advantages…

But why get married in the morning?

1. First of all, you enjoy the whole day... You have all day ahead of you and your guests fresh and lively, ready to give a resounding presence to your wedding!

2. You avoid anxiety until the "big moment", as the preparation time is much less and the wait is shorter. So for all those who do not get to enjoy the moment due to the stress, a morning wedding is the solution…

3. Because you can "play" with imaginative ideas... Set up a coffee station outside the church, offer breakfast or brunch to your guests - who can resist a nice coffee, croissants and donuts - and choose a different wedding menu with finger food!
And again, if you are one of those, who want to keep the wedding party going, then prepare a nice meal for your guests. You will definitely eat with more appetite, dance a lot and have fun, without staying up late.

4. "Play" with bright colors and decorative elements, which will trap the light within them. Choose alternative venues in a natural environment that suits the time, but also suits you!

5. Happy hour! Take advantage of unlimited daylight for better natural photos!

6. Morning wedding and formal dress? No! Ideal choice for couples, who want to keep their wedding simple and frugal, yet elegant. Keep it simple then!

Tip: A morning wedding usually means cheaper prices, more availability and more options, while it is ideal for a small number of people, as current time demands...

The Discover Nafplio Weddings Team with the most creative ideas becomes your ally, for a truly unique wedding!...

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