Spring & Summer 2019 Colors Palette

Choosing colors, which you like or dislike, is not just about style. It's a lot more than that, it captures elements of your personality and character. In other words, the colors you choose are you...

Show off a piece of yourself, through a palette of colors that will make your wedding stand out!

According to "Pantone", we are giving you a small help on what colors will dominate on this year's Spring - Summer season. The colors palette of 2019 draws inspiration from the dynamism to face the future. It is framed by joyful shades with a playful and creative style, as the unexpected combinations are also present.

Indulge in the liveliness of this year's colors by removing the exaggeration, embody the desire for authenticity and creation based on your personal style!

Jester Red: dark red. A color that combines elegance and urbanity with depth and intensity. Determine the intensity according to its color matching, such as light blue, gray, light orange, beige of sand, white or black.

Turmeric: the color of turmeric. This specific shade of orange gives both vitality and sensitivity. Its special color matches perfectly with pale yellow, olive, brown or cherry.

Living Coral: the coral, giving a pleasant and intense feeling. Delivers beautifully with gold, ensuring a perfect result.

Pink Peacock: a theatrical, fuchsia shade that wakes up the festive mood. Boost it up with tones of gray, yellow, green or brown.

Pepper Stem: the warm green. A healthy color inspired by nature and generosity. Matches uniquely with orange, light brown, pink or yellow gold.

Aspen Gold: the yellow gold of the sun. Bright color that leaves a feeling of joy and cheerfulness. Select it combined with gray, brown, light blue, red, black, green or purple.

Princess Bleu: the bright blue. A hue majestic and magnificent, or else the royal color. Show it off with pastel shades, pale yellow or even silver.

"Pantone" also adds neutral colors, timeless, everyday and classic to its palette, singly used or combined to make contrasts:

Eclipse: deep blue. Inspired by the color of the midnight sky, stochastic and serious leaves a mystery aftertaste. Dare using it along with light lilac, light blue, pale yellow, gray, red or one of the three tones of gold (yellow, pink, white).

Sweet Corn: a pale pink. Chic and tempting color, easily combined with everything!

Brown Granite: brown granite. A strong, earthy color, which lends authenticity and timelessness. Show it off in combinations of green, blue, pale yellow, purple-pink, as well as the color of ice.

Find the combination of colors that will inspire you and give something of yourself to your wedding decor. "Paint" happiness with the Discover Nafplio Weddings team, keeping the memories indelible...



Source of photos: Discover Nafplio, Pinterst, AislePlanner


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