Pierre-Georgios & Sophie: «La mariée arrive…»

"La mariée arrive"... was written upon the sign that the bridesmaids were holding, with Sophie following glamorous and smiling, while Pierre - Georgios traditionally expected her on the stairs of the church. And this is the time, along with all the feelings, that you realize how fast nearly two years have past since this wedding journey began. A journey so full of conversations, wishes, suggestions, thoughts and opinions, that went so well, until the big day arrived.

And the day was great indeed! Preparations started in a separate phase from early morning, as the spouses to be climbed the stairs of the church at 2:30 pm. A cocktail party in the afternoon offered everyone moments of relaxation and prepared the ground for a unique wedding dinner, accompanied by wonderful live music, dancing and happenings that kept the interest undiminished. The following morning found the couple and their friends still dancing by the sea! The party continued in the following days, since Sophie and Pierre - Georgios staged a wedding week with activities and a beach party, that their guests will never forget...

French finesse and Greek beauty, influences drawn from the couple itself, so that we can turn every spot in the area into a real space of their own. The dominant blue color and the gleam that gold generously offered us matched the white flowers and the brightness that they secured for us. As so the wedding decoration acquired its own particular chic character, that Sophie and Pierre - Georgios could so well support!






Photos by
Siaxamis Photography

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