Shanna & Peter: "A wedding to remember"

There are some unique moments in life, that make you want to experience them again and again... This exact magic was left in everyone from Shanna and Peter's wedding! A couple, who went through all the preparation with great enthusiasm, creating the conditions for a unique event.

Shanna had a very specific vision on how she imagined this day, and for us, it was the beginning of a great inspiration. As the guests entered the wedding reception venue, they were immediately struck by the breathtaking decor. The space was illuminated by sparkling chandeliers and lighting decorations, casting a warm, golden glow all over. Each place's setting was carefully arranged, with delicate gold cutlery and crystal glassware, adding a touch of refinement to the already opulent setting. White and soft shades of pink florals, combined with the metallic texture of gold, created an elegant result. The beauty of the floral arrangement was only enhanced by the surrounding decor. Gold candelabras with flickering candles added a warm glow to the scene. 

Every element of the decor was perfectly balanced, from the delicate floral arrangements with orchids, roses, lisianthuses to the gleaming gold accents. The result was a truly stunning display, that left guests in awe and created the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable wedding celebration.

Shanna and Peter, thank you for trusting us. We truly wish you a happily ever after!



Wedding Photography: Konstantinos Ragias

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