Steven & Ioanna: "When you truly love... you get married!"

Even though they live in England, their Greek origin and the beauty of their place of birth did not allow further reflection on where to "live" the celebration of their love, because when you truly love ... you get married!

So it happened, Steven and Ioanna traveled from England with family and friends, to join their lives in Nafplio. Although we had only 3 months to prepare, the positive energy of the couple, the simplicity of their deep love and their good mood, was our inspiration. An inspiration that led to a wonderful marriage, a party that lasted until the morning and a memory that all guests will cherish forever!

The olive trees and the particular green color of their foliage were what they liked very much, giving us the freedom to develop the concept. So, by making an attempt to create a miniature of nature, the result came up really interesting. Trees made of sea-wood, olive leaves that are entangled in the trunk and their branches, white flowers and many candles have ideally helped to that. 
Perfectly becoming in the above concept was also the bonboniere; a small bottle of olive oil and a few sugar plums were enough to leave this marriage a lasting taste!

By this short review, we would like to thank the entire Discover Nafplio Team, not only for the wonderful decoration that they have prepared for our wedding, but also for their friendly and highly professional attitude throughout the whole preparation. During the wedding planning, which was admittedly relatively short -about 3 months- we had regular communication, with the girls to always reassure us that everything was going well, that everything would be ready for the big day and showing us samples of the work they had already done. From our side, we only brought some initial ideas; for example, that we wanted the decoration to be based on the olive and its natural colors; and Konstantina's team at Discover Nafplio developed these ideas and presented a truly unique decoration for the church and for the reception venue, where the party took place after the ceremony, which was simple and elegant, just as we had imagined. Thank you very much for everything! We strongly recommend them!

Steven & Ioanna



Photography: Yiannis Sotiropoulos

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#wedding bouquet #peony #roses #destination wedding #nafplio #Greece wedding