Avra Nafpliou

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91, Argous str. Nafplio, GR 211 00 Argolis, Greece
27521 81261 & 27520 27740
From 85 €

You see it before you, when entering the city. You don't see its hidden secrets, though! The things that make it stand out and that will make you select it, to spend wonderful days in Greece's first capital, in the magical Nafplio...

Hotel Policy
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Flexible cancellation policy - up to 2 days before arrival free of charge.
Distance from beach
1.6 km from Arvanitia beach
Lobby lounge bar
Swimming Pool
Non smoking rooms
Sunshine Yard
Heating/Air Conditioning
Breakfast at the room
Products for personal care
Baggage Storage
Rooms and public spaces friendly to people with special needs
91, Argous str. Nafplio, GR 211 00 Argolis, Greece
27521 81261 & 27520 27740

One of my favorite habits, when visiting hotels in Nafplio, is to seek the symbolism behind their (usually) historical or mythological names. In Avra, I must admit that it was the first time I felt the name of the hotel so fitting to its philosophy, as well as the way it affects all your senses.

Life again, history given in cycles
At a central point, on Argos Avenue, you cannot pass by without noticing it. If you are familiar with the area of Nafplio, you possibly remember that at this location stood the building of the older Alcyon Hotel, abandoned for many years.
Since September 2019, number 91 on Argos Avenue underwent a complete transformation and acquired a new breath and a new life, through the creation of a modern space for hospitality and accommodation, welcoming couples and families of all nationalities throughout the year.
I reach the entrance of this newly established city hotel, and before I pass through its door, I stop and observe its logo: the small but meaningful word AVRA is surrounded by perfect circular shapes that, however, remain incomplete, as if leaving room for each one of us to complete our own personal story here.
With these thoughts in mind, I go to meet the Anagnostou sisters, Penny and Lila, responsible for Avra Nafplio. I pass through its entrance and surrender myself to the bright sunbeams pouring through the large windows, to the soothing jazz melodies permeating the space, to the unparalleled elegance of the interior design, and to the kind, genuine smiles of the people.
Penny warmly welcomes me and suggests, "Coffee and conversation in the garden," while Lila greets me with a nod from the reception desk, where she is attending to a couple of clients. To my left is the lounge area, with its simple elegance, furnished in shades of dusty pink and soft gray. A low bookshelf filled with literary titles and tabletop games separates the cozy living room from the bright breakfast area, allowing the gaze to wander from the wooden tables with white chairs to the lovely view of the garden.

A refuge of relaxation and tranquility
With our coffees in hand and taking advantage of the sunny day, we sit outside with Penny in this lush oasis, surrounded by tall trees, Mediterranean plants, and blooming flower beds, as if we have escaped into the unique magic of Greek nature.
I gaze at the pool, amidst the winter, directing in my mind summer images... slow motion shots of sun-kissed and smiling faces... chill-out music intertwined with laughter and conversations as the soundtrack... the sun's reflections on the blue of the pool for illumination... starring couples in love, joyful groups of friends and loving families...
A subtractive mood with a positive sign. As much as the garden and pool area inspire me, I gladly accept Penny's invitation for a mini tour of the rooms at AVRA. As we climb the staircase to the first floor, I notice how unique its white wainscoting is, with a construction technique that you no longer come across in modern hotels. To the right of the staircase, my admiration is captured by a vintage wooden telephone with intricate details, a true masterpiece of 60s design. The wainscoting and telephone, both elements of the previous hotel, have been preserved and seamlessly integrated into Avra’s modern aesthetics.
I walk on the beautiful gray carpets that cover the stairs and the wide hallways outside the rooms, and with each step, I take deep breaths, inhaling the most pleasant scent: the scent of cleanliness.
Inside the rooms, there is a prevailing minimalist mood, with an emphasis on gray shades, which, combined with the white references and a touch of color on the stools, create an environment of tranquility and relaxation.
The minimalist white light fixtures underline a statement of contemporary aesthetics, while the comfortable beds temporarily host folded all-white towels on their bedspreads. A small piece of furniture functions as a desk and another around the corner provides all the necessities for a morning or afternoon coffee on the cozy balcony of the room.
The bathrooms follow the same minimalist mood, adorned with tiles and mosaics. In the showers, refillable shampoo and shower gel packages are offered, proving to be a tangible expression of love for the planet.
Carefully designed one by one, the front and side rooms offer views of lush green expanses, city skylines and Palamidi castle in a distance, promising an unforgettable stay. Meanwhile, the garden-view suites stand out for both the comfort of their spaces and the unobstructed view of the garden and pool through the cluster of their tall windows.

Handmade breakfast with personal care
When I visit hotels, I seek a good breakfast with pure local ingredients, and I am delighted to discover that Avra highlights the value of the most important meal of the day through exceptional personal care.
The hotel buffet fills up with all kinds of delicious treats that come out warm, fragrant, and enticing directly from the kitchen. Using pure, fresh ingredients from local suppliers, a menu is created that features staple dishes on a regular basis, but is constantly refreshed according to seasonal ingredients and the inspiration of the day.
The hotel guests duly indulge in desserts, such as the exquisite walnut pie, juicy “ravani” and delicious orange pie, as well as other sweet creations including apple pie, homemade bars and cakes in various flavors, like lemon, orange, banana or apple. The savory options are equally delightful, with crepes, cheese pies, savory cakes, omelets, scrambled eggs and egg slices, receiving acclaims every time they appear on the breakfast buffet.

A place to return to
Your day has just begun with the best conditions, to continue with carefree strolls in the narrow streets of the old town, invigorating dives in Arvanitia and Karathona beaches or visits to nearby archaeological sites, such as Mycenae, Nemea, the ancient theaters of Epidaurus and of Argos.
Returning to Avra, filled with new images and experiences, relax in the lounge playing board games with your friends and reading your favorite book, or enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool and a cocktail under the clear sky.
However you have dreamed of your vacation in Nafplio -whether it's relaxing or active, romantic or family-oriented- one thing is certain: as the carefree days go by, you will sweetly and almost subconsciously immerse yourself in the iridescence of positive energy, within the hospitable, positive aura, in the embrace of your favorite hotel.

Did you know that?
You can enjoy your breakfast either in the breakfast area, in the garden, or even in your room. Despite its central location, Avra ensures absolute tranquility in its rooms through double balcony doors and double glazing.
For your walks in the city or day trips to attractions, do not hesitate to ask for information from the always friendly and extremely helpful hotel staff.
The outdoor pool at the back of the building is heated and open to residents (partially also for visitors) from 11:00 to 20:00.
The hotel provides a Business capsule for isolation and peaceful work, when needed. However, upon request, there is also the option of receiving a laptop/tablet.
Moreover, the option to choose the kind of pillows you like and the 12-hour room service offer you an extra comfort...

Did you know that?
The outdoor swimming pool at the back of the building is heated, open for residents (partially also for visitors) 11:00-20:00.
The hotel offers a Business capsule, for seclusion and quiet work when required. However, if you need it, there is also the possibility of providing a laptop / tablet.
The option of choosing the kind of pillows you like, as well as the 12-hour room service, offers you an extra comfort...

Available Rooms
There are a total of 20 rooms: 12 double rooms, 2 quadruple rooms, 2 triple rooms, and 4 suites.
There is a room available for people with disabilities on the ground floor, as well as front parking spaces for them only. The common areas are also accessible, with handrails.

Public parking space and private, hotel owned parking is right outside, at the back of the building (swimming pool's entrance)

Operating Period
All year round

License number: 1124683

Avra Nafpliou

Άργους 91, Ναύπλιο, Τ.Κ. 211 00 Αργολίδα