Anemon Villa

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1st km. Ν. Κios - Nafplio (coastal road), 210 53 Nea Kios
693 245 2250
From 350 €

With the unique sense of privacy, comfort and serenity, along with all of your friends, enjoy a most relaxing vacation! Next to everything, to the waves, the fun, to the most beautiful and romantic city of Greece and with the feeling of being in your luxurious holiday home ... What else can you ask for?

Hotel Policy
Check in:
15:00 pm.
Check out:
10:30 am.
Free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival. For cancellation 4 days before, the full amount must be paid.
Παιδιά έως 2 ετών δωρεάν
Distance from beach
100 m. (Nea Kios beach)
Non smoking rooms
Sunshine Yard
Heating/Air Conditioning
Mini Bar
Products for personal care
Baggage Storage
1st km. Ν. Κios - Nafplio (coastal road), 210 53 Nea Kios
693 245 2250

The winds blowing from Dervenakia and the sea gave their name to the Villa, but it could only be called Villa of the Winds ("Anemon Villa" in Greek), only because of the wind of warm hospitality and family atmosphere that it offers.
Entering the really huge estate of the Villa, I meet the smiling owner Mr. Sarantos Diamantakos, who welcomes me with his beloved dog. Together we cross an extent of palm trees, quinces, prickly pears, oranges and lemons, beautiful roses and orchids, an ode to the beauty of nature.

Here, where the past and present meet
With a mug of steaming coffee in our hands, Sarantos tells me the story of the estate, going back to its childhood years, when the land originally covered the needs of the family gas business. Here, where the summers the family would set up tents and went camping, at the same place where later a truly impressive residence built with many rooms, as his parents had dreamed of. Years later, he would put his personal aesthetic, and will complete the Villa with a sophisticated modern suite. Are you not looking forward to discover the secrets of the Villa of the Winds (Anemon Villa)?

The Villa: the family cottage you always wanted
Holding a fragrant rose bush from the garden, I enter the villa, which can accommodate 15-16 people, a large group of friends, two families with children or even a group of colleagues. As if a friend had invited me for a vacation to his home, this is exactly how I felt when I saw the rustic decoration and furnishings of this house, thinking that it never lacks life, laughter, memories, moments.
Entering, on the right, you come across a huge living room with its corner sofa, and a corner furniture that opens and becomes a bar. Its large and fully equipped kitchen stands with its oblong table ready to welcome guests and appease their hunger, morning, noon, evening. A vase with fresh-cut roses from the garden, a platter with pomegranates, tangerines and lemons, a bottle with pure olive oil from the family's grove reveal that its owner knows how to care and share the good things of life. The area of the main living room with the comfortable sofas, the fireplace and TV invites you to spend many evenings here with table games and good wine.

Bedrooms of dream
Going up some stairs, I find myself in the bedrooms’ level. And there are so many, so many, that I walk around and say “there can't be more”. On the left, there is a double bedroom with nice bedding, next to another with double bed, a baby cot and a rocking chair; and next a bedroom with a single bed and library (ideal for teenagers who want their privacy). But also mark the veranda with its seating area, the largest you have probably seen, with unlimited view across the Argolic bay, ideal for fabulous parties!
As we continue going up a few more steps, we find the bedroom with twin beds, many windows overlooking the sea and the balcony overlooking the castle of Argos and the Argolic plain stretching out before you, like in a dream. This room keeps a surprise that all children will love. A large closet has been converted into a shelter, as one we would all like to have when we were small, with mattresses and lights, sublime.

The Suite: accommodation in a modern version
After leaving the Villa with the obvious parental stamp, we enter the Suite from the garden, where Sarantos has put his personal imprint. A modern living space that accommodates up to 6 people, I would say also ideal for moments just for two.
I am impressed by the contemporary decoration, as soon as I see on my left a small elegant bar with all kinds of drinks, but also the bright and fully equipped kitchen with its modern design and vibrant colors.
The lounge wins me over, with the two large sofas in front of the latest’s technology TV, internet connected -mind you! Here, where having made your popcorn, you will sit and watch your favorite movie Dolby surround or put the speakers loud and throw the nicest party. In the winter, as the energy fireplace offers you its warmth, you will relax reading a book and throwing glimpses outside the large windows in the green garden.
The underfloor heating will make you walk "January barefoot and August in socks", as Sarantos says, who has studied everything in the slightest detail. Obviously, we are talking not only about a modern, but also about a “smart” home.
The children's bedroom, tender in shades of pink and green, with two beds paved in colored blankets, with shelves full of dolls, is instantly loved.
The bedroom with the double bed and very comfortable mattress, is daringly colored in red and black, with special lighting and modern furnishings, while the large bathroom wins you over with flowers on the tiles and its orange-red shades.

At the bbq, friends make history
While in the Anemon Villa both interiors -the rustic Villa and the modern Suite- impress you, I think the garden and barbeque areas are really stealing the show; ideal place for both summer and winter time. Here the company of friends will gather, bake, listen to music, dance, knead bread or make pizza and bake them in the wood-fired oven, and the children will play happily in the garden.
I have already convinced my family and friends to book the Villa for a few days’ winter vacation! Who knows? We might meet you on a sweet afternoon there, in the villa, where the winds embrace you with the breeze of hospitality and the magic of nature…

Did you know that?
Your arrival can be easily completed with the electronic lock. So, if you wish to come by yourselves, you will find a special box with a code at the entrance, where you will get the remote control and the key of the house to enter on your own. Although it is well worth getting to know this hospitable owner!
You can book your stay with or without breakfast. But if you choose to include breakfast, this will be rich, with fresh bread, toast, butter and honey, eggs, bacon, oranges; Sarantos will bring you the groceries and you may prepare it yourself in the kitchen.
For children to play and enjoy, there is a box with dolls and teddy bears, as well as coloring books.
If you need to work or to look for something on the internet, you will find in the Villa an office area, with computer and internet connection.
The villa has two bathrooms, one small and one large, with all the amenities you might need.
There is flexibility in adding beds for more people and baby cots for small children.
The accommodation (Villa and Suite together), is ideal for hosting guests or relatives on Weddings or Baptisms or even for organizing a small similar Event right there, in the gardens. Ask Sarantos about the total rent.

A three storey villa overlooking the Argolic Bay with easy access. It accommodates 15 guests, has 4 bedrooms, 9 beds in total and 2 bathrooms. Located 100 meters from the sea shore and 4 km from the city of Nafplio. 
On the ground floor of the villa, a stunning autonomous suite (also rented separately, as the villa), adds comfortable accommodation for another 6 people with flexibility (in the hostel, the single and double bedrooms), while baby cots can be added for young children.
The upper villa has the style of an old mansion with rustic furnishings, while large windows illuminate all spaces ideally. On the 2 large terraces one can enjoy the view of the Argolic Gulf (from Nafplio to Kiveri) or feel the serenity of a small olive grove.
Garden with barbecue in the backyard, where there is plenty of space for the children, as well as private parking. Pets always stay out of the house in the big yard.

License Registry Νο.: 209352 (the Villa) - 209851 (the Suite)

Η Βίλλα των Ανέμων

1ο χλμ. Ν. Κίου - Ναυπλίου, Τ.Κ. 210 53 Νέα Κίος