Origami Boutique Residences

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8, Perikleous str., Nafplio GR 211 00
+30 27520 97917
From 190 €

Origami is a brand new, luxurious, boutique hideaway nestled away in the city of Nafplio.
A place for you to relax in, explore from and retreat to.
A place to unfold...

Hotel Policy
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Free 10 days before arrival.
Children 0-2 years old free of charge (only allowed in a room without a pool). Children 2-12 years old charged 25€ each, 13-18 years old charged 50€ each.
Distance from beach
1,3 km. from Arvanitia organized beach
Swimming Pool
Non smoking rooms
Sunshine Yard
Heating/Air Conditioning
Breakfast at the room
Mini Bar
Products for personal care
Baggage Storage
8, Perikleous str., Nafplio GR 211 00
+30 27520 97917

Origami is designed to be a place that you’ll come and leave feeling revitalized. Spacious, ambient and elegantly simple, these boutique residences are stylish, with uncompromising attention to detail, to compose the experience of a most rewarding stay! In the privacy of your own piscine or your loft terrace with an unimpeded castle and sea view, relax and let your senses unfold...

A place to unfold
Synonymous with sensuous picturesqueness, a destination for authentic travelers and a city of unrivaled beauty, how much more perfect can Nafplio get?! And yet, it can, through new places of high standards and criteria, such as Origami boutique residences.
"But what is this place that everyone has been raising to the skies since it opened in August ‘21, how will I find the Japanese tranquility looking at the view of Palamidi castle and how will I unfold in a complex of luxury suites?"... I had many questions about Origami and its owners, Ioanna and Ioannis, invited (and challenged) me to find the answers myself by generously offering me a stay in one of their suites. A stay, transformed into a life experience, as you interact with the place and it reveals itself to you slowly, gradually, essentially and you let go, relax and unfold hidden aspects.

Taken from the floor plan
I walk just 10 minutes from the old town and reach Perikleous str., in the quiet neighborhood of Nafplio, where Origami Boutique Residences impresses with its special architecture. This complex of six luxury suites (3 lofts on the top floor and 3 suites on the ground floor) really resembles origami if you take a distance and look closely. The name came out as a momentary inspiration, when Joanna first saw the floor plan of the architectural plans and it reminded her of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.
And the name was born, which reflects not only the architecture of the building and the layout of the spaces, but also the whole philosophy that runs through Origami. Without adding, without subtracting, but with all you are and all you have, you unfold your innermost self. I know, maybe this sounds a bit exaggerated or quite philosophical to you, but honestly, you will feel the same when you experience staying at Origami.

From Amsterdam to Nafplio, with a suitcase of dreams
Ioanna welcomes me at the entrance, with a genuine smile on her beautiful face and I can see her joy, to show me all the spaces of Origami, but also a hidden - and completely justified - pride for everything she has created here, together with her husband John.
Their decision to return to Nafplion, Ioanna' s place of origin, after more than 10 years of living and working in Amsterdam, gave birth to the idea of Origami and a new reality for the couple, but also for all of us, lovers of neat accommodation.

Discovering spaces and time
As Ioanna guides me through the impressive lofts on the upper floor, she talks to me about how each detail was created step-by-step and at the same time allows me to see, observe, discover for myself.
We stand for a while on the terraces overlooking Palamidi castle and she explains to me that their vision was not simply to create a stylish boutique hotel. What they really wanted, was to create a living space that would make guests feel at home, as if they were in the home of their dreams, an oasis for the soul and body, for the alone and together, a reminder of the value of reuniting with ourselves.
And everything here proves that they succeeded. Charming atmospheric spaces with freedom spread out in generous square meters, custom made furniture taken -say- from the pages of the best interior design magazines, earthy materials and shades, which in a magical way ground you and lift you up at the same time, small decorative surprises, that give a mark on the space and contribute to an environment, that harmoniously embraces unpretentious luxury.

Unfolding moments
The truth is, I'm enjoying the tour and our conversation, but now I can't wait to be introduced to my suite, one of three on the ground floor, with gardens and a private pool. Ioanna discreetly leaves me alone with her... First impression: A large airy space with a special layout, full of light! First call: The pool calls me near it like another Siren, and I am charmed by the intense cobalt blue, its little exotic garden of ginneries and stipe, and the understatedly elegant lounging furniture.
At the back of the suite I open the curtains to reveal a private quite green garden, a small zen oasis. First welcome: A personalized hand-written welcome card goes perfectly with the welcome treats and I enjoy a few delicious apricots in the bowl, leaving the sweet treats for the evening.
I wash away the fatigue of the day in the shower, right next to my large, comfortable bed, enjoying the exquisite scents of Olivera amenities. The bathrobe gently hugs my body and the down-soft slippers seem to caress my feet. I make a single espresso and walk around the place with my coffee in hand. In the living room with the custom made sofa, the abstractly elegant lamp captures the eye, highlighting the special wallpaper, but my heart is captivated by the fresh flowers arrangement on the coffee table. I start getting ready for an afternoon walk in the old town, as I discover the amenities in the restroom area beside the sink, which with its transparent divider gives you direct contact with the rest of the room.
I leave my suite at the most magical time of the day, when the sun paints the sky over Akronaflia with pink and orange. And as I walk along the promenade, next to the pink oleander groves, with every step I take the background of the old town comes closer and closer to me. Unfold through steps and images…
That night -an unprecedented feeling for me- the city that I love so much, cannot keep me near it for long. I give her up quickly, as I realize I want to go back to my room, to… unfold our acquaintance. I don't want TV, I don't want music, I want the quietness of this evening, to listen to my thoughts alone with a glass of chilled wine by the pool, and after a while I fall asleep sweetly in my bed “of clouds”...

The mystique of a breakfast
I had left the curtains open in the evening, to be woken up by the first light of day. I've just made a wonderful Greek herbal drink, when my breakfast arrives on a rattan tray-table, exactly at the time I'd asked for it to come, with exactly everything I'd asked to taste. Freshly squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, chocolate pancakes, all handmade and delicious with the care of Kosmos Bakery, I enjoy them leisurely by the pool. And in that moment I pause, I hold it, to realize how within 24 hours I turned my back on fatigue, totally left out any stress and gave myself the greatest gift: relaxation, grounding and unfolding my best self! Only gratitude… Thank you, Origami!

Did you know that?
Origami's logo is handwritten, and the “a” is like the Japanese 6, a notation for its 6 suites.
For your stay, you can choose between: Garden luxury suite with private pool (44 m²), Luxury suite with private pool I (41 m²), Luxury suite with private pool II (44 m²), Deluxe loft residence with rooftop terrace I (72 m²), Deluxe loft residence with rooftop terrace II (65 m²), Deluxe loft residence (64 m²).
Notice the details that make the difference, such as the paintings by Alexandra Papadimoulis, the marble foot in the luggage area, the stools with the same design but different fabrics, the style on the lofts' stairs...
If you check in with the baby, you will find everything there, from a baby-cot to a baby-bathtub.
Inquire about retreats and yoga sessions.
If you are a vegan, you will have many options in your breakfast.
If you would like private dining with a chef at your suite, just ask Ioanna, who is there to take care of everything.
Origami supports sustainability through the water supply system and water recycling, eco-pools with less chemicals and insulation system with energy savings.
Origami can host business meetings and seminars in a special hall below, as well as a backyard relevant event.
It can also privately accommodate your beloved ones and you for your wedding or your child's christening, while giving guests the opportunity for a stress-free holiday in tranquility, yet so close to the city!

Available Rooms
For one, Double, Triple, For four, Lofts, Suites

Operating period
All year

License No: 1204526.002

Origami Boutique Residences

Περικλέους 8, Ναύπλιο, Τ.Κ. 211 00