Itria cucina italiana (Popeye Bistro)

From 8 €
32, Staikopoulou Str., 211 00, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 26005
From 8 €

If you're hungry and want to eat something relatively quickly but absolutely qualitative you should go to Itria cucina italiana (Popeye Bistro), at the famous Staikopoulou Street and visit Popeye bistro. It is worth mentioning that Popeye is in No4 preferably catering in Trip Advisor!

Passion for good food
Here the leading role play Elias and Stella, a young couple, passionate about their work. Elias is 20 years chef in Athens and professor for 9 years at Le Monde School. He had also earned many awards and is considered one of the best chef of his generation.
What is their secret? The materials that travel directly from Italy: pasta, tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, arrive at Elias, who convert with them the best pizza you eat, as it is made in Italy, with thin dough and authentic mozzarella.

Whatever you get, is speaking Italian!
If your appetite is looking for pasta and risotto, here the standards are high but the prices remain low. And if you do not know what to order, ask Elias or order a carbonara al Uovo, in absolutely original version: with pancetta, eggs and parmesan.

Here you know what you eat
Even if you want to have a light snack, you have a variety of choices of delicious salads and appetizers. You could accompany them with wine from a great wine list that is refreshing with new labels and the best varieties from Italy. Your children will love the burgers that are making of original burgers and accompanying of fresh potatoes.

Sweet inspiration
If you are asking for a dessert, you can try cheesecake, brownies, chocolate souffle. Sometimes the staff makes more innovative recipes like pizza with fruits and syrups!
With the final bill, they offer you a Chios mastic drink or Limon cello or even aged grappa. And if it was your first time, you will come back as everyone!

Did you know that?
Τhe bistro is value for money- imagine that a family with a child will eat with 30€ max.
Most salads are available in small and large size, and served as a main course at lower prices.

Italian cuisine, Pizza


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Open hours
Everyday: From 12:30 in the morning, until late at night

32, Staikopoulou Str., 211 00, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 26005

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