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53, Bouboulinas & Siokou str., Nafplio, GR 211-00
+30 27520 24932
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"Shall we go for ouzo and meze at Kellari?" suggested a good friend of mine who lives in Nafplio, and I immediately accepted. First of all, because the locals know all the good places, and I trust them blindly. On the second hand, evidently the time had come to see up close why everyone in the city has been talking about this taverna-restaurant for the past year, on Bouboulina Street.

Elegant and cozy atmosphere
Here, on Miaouli Street, the most picturesque link between the harbor and the old town, on the ground floor of a beautifully restored mansion, is housed the famous “Kellari” (Cellar) of the Skouras brothers, Dimitris and Panagiotis.
On a carefree Sunday afternoon, the sunlight gently caresses the large windows in an olive hue, casting a sweet ochre tone on the walls – a color combination perfectly suited to the aesthetic palette of the old town. Just outside the establishment, on the edge of the pedestrian walkway, tables adorned with checkered tablecloths and blue-white chairs are filled with people enjoying the Sunday breeze.
Our table is reserved right across, in the large outdoor, sheltered space of the restaurant, providing unobstructed views of the sea, the harbor and a part of Athanasiou Siokou's side promenade. Above the tables, rows of lanterns and hanging plants add their aesthetic touch to this well-maintained, intimate space.
I leave my friends for a moment to quickly say “hello” to the chef and the team, and to explore the bright, indoor area, which I must admit, I instantly fell in love with."
The wooden-floored space accommodates around 10 tables with chairs adorned with traditional country cushions (such a beautiful detail!). A series of shelves with wines and upside-down hanging glasses, as well as original lights made from the tops of oak barrels, are directly linked to the enjoyment of wine and the name of the restaurant.
I pause for a moment to appreciate decorative details, such as the wooden ships and frames that surround black-and-white retro photographs, sweetening my soul. I gaze at the countless bottles of ouzo, jars of olives, and pasta arranged in corners of the tall counter that separates the kitchen. At that moment, Panagiotis leads me a few steps to the left, and I find myself in front of a delightful private space, with a few tables and a staircase leading upward, where, you guessed it, there's a cellar!

The Secret to Success
I give my congratulations to Panagiotis for the minimalistic decoration, adorned with traditional touches, which intelligently expresses the triple nature of the establishment: meze-shop - restaurant - tavern, with an exceptional balance.
After an undeniably successful first year in operation, I ask Panagiotis to reveal the secret of the success, and the key words of our conversation say it all: “quality”, “Greek cuisine”, “innovative dishes”, “distinctive meze”, “Skoura wines” (note: George Skouras is cousin of the owners), “homemade creamy salads”, “fresh ingredients”, “handmade pasta”, “homemade spoon sweets”, and “authentic raw materials”.
Panagiotis has positively influenced me, and upon returning to my friends outside, I immediately take the menu in my hands. On its wooden cover, a bird on a vine, the word “Kellari” written in calligraphy and a red wax seal demonstrate that everything here has been carefully attended to, down to the last detail.

The Quality of the Food
Now, onto the matter at hand: what to eat? We start with the handmade creamy salads and we struggle to choose: tzatziki, tyrokafteri (spicy feta dip), eggplant salad, taramosalata (fish roe salad), crab salad, potato salad with fresh green onions and capers, or traditional Santorini fava bean puree? We opt for the latter, and I must admit, that a forkful alone transports you with its unique flavor to the beloved island of the Cyclades.
The flavorful journey continues, with a Kellari salad featuring grilled vegetables, aged cheese from Grevena, peas, corn and honey dressing on handmade herb-infused phyllo pastry. We also indulge in a beetroot salad with yogurt sauce, sour apple and roasted pine nuts.
I must note here, that we had initially planned to have some ouzo and nibble on a few meze bites. However, the truth is that the enticing aromas emanating from the dishes arriving on trays at neighboring tables prompted us to change course. And really, who can resist a bougatsa with mountain feta in a clay pot, with tomato and hot pepper, or the famous “omatia”, the Cretan handmade sausage, with eggs in the pan and hot pepper?
I had heard so many praising comments about moussaka; how could I not form a personal opinion by trying the moussaka towers with cheese cream? As for the cabbage dolmades with egg-lemon sauce, I can describe them in just one word: bliss.
And it's only logical for you to ask now, 'Did you finally get some fish meze?' Of course, the answer is yes! The grilled sardines on bruschetta exceeded all our expectations, and the wine-infused mussels, flavored with garlic, were a true revelation for our taste buds.
Among the seafood, our decision to try cod in crispy crust with handmade garlic dip and grilled squid with salad and black tarama proved to be justified. And - don't find it strange - here I enjoyed freshly cut fried potato - how rare it is to find it nowadays!
With so many excellent flavors on our table, each one surpassing the other (and note that they arrived at a gradual, proper pace, even on a Sunday), accompanied by nice ouzo, which kept filling our glasses, and Greek songs in good company, needless to say, we went for lunch and when we concluded our delightful meal with a homemade, delicious walnut pie, it was already late afternoon!

The Finale...
Walking along Bouboulina's coastal road towards the Lighthouse, as my companions questioned whether they were right to bring me to Kellari, gazing at the sunset casting flames upon the sea, I knew. Yes, my local friends were right. Yes, all the positive comments I had read about Kellari are indeed true, and it deserves even more! Intoxicated not by ouzo, but by a strong dose of quality, service and authenticity that this place offered me, I turned my look at my friends and decisively told them, “Next week, back to Kellari, for fresh fish!” and they all agreed.
Remember this: Kellari has come to stay and write its own story in Nafplio, and we will be here to enjoy it and share some of our most beautiful moments with it.

Did you know that?
If you're a meat lover, at Kellari, you'll find excellent choices in variety. Don't forget to try lamb souvlaki with Greek brioche, veal yuvetsi, and veal liver in ladokolla (baking paper) with herb pesto.
Worth trying are the pasta dishes, such as handmade hilopites with Mani pork (“syglino”) and myzithra cheese, and the fisherman's pasta dish.
Daily specials are prepared, so ask the friendly and helpful staff about the dishes of the day, as well as their soups and, of course, the fresh catches.
In addition to ouzo, which we enjoyed, you can have a nice tsipouro, beer, and, of course, wine, either by the glass or bottle from Skouras Winery. For the little ones, I recommend natural orange juice or homemade lemonade.
At Kellari, you might also bump on live music with bouzouki and guitar, an experience that will surely be unforgettable! In fact, during the winter season, Greek live music is a regular part of the program on Friday and Saturday evenings and/or Sunday afternoons!
The Skouras brothers are the owners of Yacht Nafplio, right next door, where you can continue with coffee or a drink, depending on the time of day.

Meze - Traditional Greek Cuisine 

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Daily, 12:00 to 23:30

53, Bouboulinas & Siokou str., Nafplio, GR 211-00
+30 27520 24932


Μπουμπουλίνας 53 & Αθαν. Σιώκου, Ναύπλιο Τ.Κ. 211-00