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1 Filellinon Str., 211 00 Nafplio
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From 5 €

In a time where all these pop up stores with street food of multicultural kitchen (Arab, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese etc.) open almost everywhere knowing huge success, a Greek often wonders where he could have the experience of an authentic, honest, truly delightful traditional greek souvlaki. After all, he lives in Greece! “The Greek, souvlaki & more” gives us that exact experience, in the heart of the old Nafplio city, on Filellinon Square,  right in front of its old port! A souvlaki tavern to satisfy traditional Greeks, not just tourist made…

Souvlaki that speaks greek!
Starting with the place’s look, one can identify its original greek character: there is this sign presenting the logo “The Greek” in a bright, intense blue color with the shape of letter “T” as a greek ancient pillar. This intense, bright, blue, characteristic “greek” colour states out the particularity of the decoration, that one cannot misunderstand; combined with the rustic stone walls, the ceiling high up and the rustic wooden tables and chairs. But most importantly, there is the well-known worldwide greek souvlaki!

Love at first bite!
It is in this place that you will experience the tasteful, original greek souvlaki and kitchen, with its traditional colorful salads, the smell of freshly cut cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and herbs, lemon and origan on top of fresh meat nicely grilled, making every bite absolutely delightful and totally irresistible! Not to forget that only in here you will taste every gyros’ pita freshly hand-made every day! You know, you always see the quality in simple things… Plus, they serve a quality of 15 different greek and foreign beers, but also realy nice local wine. What more could you ask?

Also a tourist made place
The location, the impressive, renovated neoclassical building, the traditional decoration, the greek souvlaki and kitchen using top quality products, makes this a highly recommended place not only for locals, but for tourists also! It is a real ambassador of greek hospitality, with its nice, clean, tasteful food, the large portions, the reasonable prices, the clean and tidy place and the genuinely polite staff and owners!

Nothing stands in chance!
How true! This conclusion comes out when you meet the owners, Dimitris Tagalis and Manos Drouskas. Brought up in the kitchens of the family business, the “Mister Souvlaki” chain in Canada, Manos knows well -now at his 32s- the secrets of good souvlaki and quality meat. This is why when he started “The Greek” in July 2017, he was determined to use fresh products only, local meat from Nafplio, and also brought the famous marinade patent, as they were making it abroad (try the pork souvlaki; because of this marinade it is absolutely perfect!), the fresh-made pita (they anoint it with butter and it puffs up), their salts mix, the experience of the past years. He decided to open a traditional grill tavern, with the original recipe that always succeeds. Its ingredients: Love for what you do, years of experience in restaurants and the total respect for the customer.

Did you know that?
In the summer, you will enjoy your meal sitting at the tables outside, at the Filellinon square, with Bourtzi fortress at sight.
Ask to taste the pork chops, because “The Greek” is a rare meat tavern that makes them unique.
The shop is kids friendly, offering the proper kids chairs, kids menu (chicken nuggets, chicken skewer, beef burgers) and with a special gift accompanying the children's meals.
If you are a vegetarian, you can order the pita with vegetarian burgers of vegetables.

Greek traditional Souvlaki

All year

Open Hours
Monday - Sunday 12:00 - 02:00

Indicative price
Per person (without drinks): 5 €

1 Filellinon Str., 211 00 Nafplio
+30 27520 22225

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