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Just a few kilometers away from Nafplio in the beautiful village of Lefkakia you can find the incredible tavern Psalidas.  Vicky is a well-known cook famous for her special dishes all made with extra care and fresh ingredients.  

A pictureful scenery
I make a turn inside the village and I arrive in Psalidas tavern. I read «Vicky's specialities» and there she is coming out in the yard, smiling, wiping her hands on her apron, she has just finished with pans and pots and my presence gives her a reason to take a breath from the kitchen, that she loves so much. We sit in one of the ten tables covered with checkered tablecloths. The arbor above us prevent sun rays pass through. The yard is so neat, so tasteful, with simple elements that make a difference such as purple flowerpots on one wall and others lying around me. I adored  from the first sight the preserved wooden green shutters of the tavern.

Friends here write history
Once you enter the tavern you’ll  believe you’ve teleported back to time in an old grandmother’s home in the village. The low ceiling with wooden roof, the large black and white photograph depicting Lefkakia at 1955’s stealing the impressions, lot of Kazantzidis pictures - here was founded the first “club of Kazantzidis” Argolidos about 10 years ago - of Dionysius and other folk singers on the walls. Vicky explains me that before 1955 here there was an oinoposeion, an old house where the men were sitting drinking wine, ate olives, talking, laughing ...

A cook not like others
The tavern opened 15 years ago, when there wasn’t another in the  village. It took its name from the nickname of Vicky’s  father in law. Vicky is a special case cook, speaks English, French, Italian, has a graduate of the School of Tourism, discusses politics and cooks great. Started from her early years cooking decided with her husband George to open the tavern. The menu catalog here does not have a premium place aw Vicky always cook something new and change it  depending in the season. Vicky likes to sit among the clients and explain all her dishes!

Delicious food!
Let's move to the menu of the tavern. What are you going to eat special made from Vicky? (Take a deep breath and read). Chicken cutlet with an amazing sauce (don’t ask for the recipe she  will not reveal her secret), lamb with potatoes, meat in the pot slowly melting, gaining all the juices and aromas, tomato sauce, beans, lamb fricassee with artichokes, artichokes alla polita for vegetarians, lamb in parchment paper, fried potato that has cut itself, burgers and meatballs of pure meat for the children, meatballs, noodles, Spinach and tyropitaria in foil opens itself tempelotyropita and souvlaki, ribs and a lot of meat varieties. In the winter at the modified menu you can enjoy herbs that George picks from the mountain- as hunter he knows from good herbs (also) oregano, savory and thymari- served cod garlic, thick, chops, rotisserie meats. Greek salads made with local, fresh products such that smells delicious, potato salad and more.

Life has such a sweetness...
I warn you, here you will eat large portions in an low prices and as she and George say "why to come if you are not hungry?". Don’t forget to try the amazing desserts all made from Vicky: wild fig, orange, cherry, quince, bergamot, bitter orange, strawberry, lime , cherry, apricot, grape, depending on the season, the jars of sweets are full.

Here you will enjoy fine Agiorgitiko wine and excellent range of Moschofilero from Ancient Mantinia.

Did you know that?
The village used to be called “ Spantzikou", from the name of a Turkish "Aga". Renamed Lefkakia (means poplar), obviously because here there were many poplars...
Between us, Vicky makes her own "mizithra" cheese... Ask her if it’s ready to taste it...

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June 16th to October 25th, open every day: from 14:00 until 23:30.
October 20th to June 15th, open every day except Tuesdays: from 17:00 until late at night and Saturdays - Sundays from 14:00 until 23:30.

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