New Year's Eve 2022 Festive Dinner in Nafplio

Ναύπλιο Χριστούγεννα 2021, Christmas 2021 in Nafplio

Everyone is looking forward to it, young and old. The hole atmosphere of these days requires it, the city and our homes all decorated and lighted up, the smells of the food and sweets, the joy of Christmas celebrations, the anticipation of the Year's change with the advent of the New... A nice celebration at home or a party in a nightclub on the evening of Christmas Eve and of New Year's Eve, which will last until the the next day's first morning hours!

We are all preparing our homes or searching where to make reservations for the Christmas and New Year's Eve Party! And we want to have it with our loved ones, always around people and with as much sparkle as possible! To rejoice together, to share the blessings, the nice tastes, to exile the problems of everyday life and of all our concerns and to welcome the New Year with a happy mood and the best omens!
A Christmas or New Year's Eve party at home, okay, it can be arranged. It even often happens locals to receive and accommodate relatives or friends from other places for weekends or on holidays. No one can easily resist a nice excursion in Nafplio! How about the city's visitors, though? What is there for them? How can they best celebrate these days? Where to welcome Christmas and the New Year?
The city is beautifully adorned, shops draw the attention of everybody at their brilliant show-windows, events are planned and the happenings in the streets (even though they were finally postponed this year, due to the pandemic) along with the Christmas carols compose the final picture... Nafplio, however, is "a fairy tale" itself !...
One can initially find in Nafplio New Year's Eve parties and special menus in several restaurants and at the city's big hotels, with or without live music. Check out four other options below, each one suggested for a different reason.

Nafplio Christmas dining, ρεβεγιόν χριστουγέννων και Πρωτοχρονιάς Ναύπλιο
Ρεβεγιόν Πρωτοχρονιάς, New Year's Eve drinks

Christmas and New Year's Eve dinner and party at 3Sixty Grill Dining. Classical choice in the old town with tasteful décor, an up-to-date cellar and gourmet dishes. In one of the most beautiful old mansions in the old city center, renowned for its decoration and high aesthetics, its very high standard of quality, its impeccable service. Feel the luxury and be enchanted by the original and delicious dishes that experienced chefs cook for you with pure and fresh ingredients. Only that dinner reservations should be made early, because the seats are scarce! 
For the New Year's Eve dinner, the minimum consumption per person is 50 € excluding drinks (but a Welcome drink is included).
Reservations: +30 27520 28068.


Equally qualitative choice, is the festive Dinner Menu of Itria -cucina italiana, for Christmas and New Year's Eve. 
This amazing restaurant is now located in the port of Nafplio, on the 77, Bouboulinas street. The chef, Ilias Kokkoris, is the host and his staff -his students- take care of everything and everyone with the best of service! In Itria the tastes are also gourmet, bringing an Italian air, but in Greek-style big portions! A truly delightful experience!
New Year's Eve Menu: 48€ per person.
Reservations: +30 27520 26005.


New Year's Eve with live music! This was the plan at Fougaro Café-Bistrot, in 98, Asklipiou street, however the live performance was cancelled, due to the announced Covid-19 emergency measures. From the festive New Year’s Eve Menu 2022 by the Chef Mr. Sakis Golemis and his team, every one of these fantastic dishes will be offered separately, upon selection. 
We always welcome the new year in the nicest mood, especially in such places of utmost quality; and we are compensated by the warm atmosphere, the company of our beloved people in our table and the wishes for the New Year, this year until 2 am.
Reservations are required -telephones: +30 27520 47347 / +30 6946 594 588.


In our favorite all day hangout, in Cavo Cafe & Wine Bar, we will enjoy the chef's special New Year's Menu with 35 € per person. The dishes have been selected and carefully prepared by chef Mrs. Pigi Anastasioy.
In a city that travels you to every corner, here, in 75 Bouboulinas Str., you will find the "Cavo" (cape) to tie down, to relax and meet friends; or make new ones.
Reservations are necessary: +30 27520 23889.

Ultimately, Christmas and New Year's Eve is unique in Nafplio, for every kind of taste and for everybody!... There is always a fine choice for us, and welcoming the new year with the best of mood is a must! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Χριστούγεννα 2021 στο Ναύπλιο, Christmas 2021 in Nafplio
Χριστούγεννα 2021 στο Ναύπλιο, Christmas 2021 in Nafplio

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