Vouleftiko - Nafplio: Place of Remembrance of the Struggle for Freedom, July 17th to August 31st 2021

Ναύπλιο στην Επανάσταση 1821, Nafplio in times of Greek Revolution 1821

Anniversary exhibition entitled "Nafplio: place of Remembrance of the Struggle for Freedom" takes place in the old Parliament building (the Vouleftiko) of Nafplio, from Saturday, July 17th to August 31st 2021, for the 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The exhibition "Nafplio: Place of Remembrance of the struggle for freedom" traces the semantic context of memory, through artistic production and creates an independent and symbolic space, where memories and history meet in the context of an emotional experience. The complexity and multilevel character of the anniversary exhibition becomes a memory tool, built on the feelings and orientations of the present.
Twenty-five contemporary artists, bridging place and history, create works that provoke interesting discussions about the past, present and future, on a personal and social level. Leading representatives of the Generation of the '80s, together with younger artists, propose through their art a journey of self-knowledge and search in the reserves of their memory and experiences.

Ναύπλιο Τόπος Μνήμης του Αγώνα της Ελευθερίας, Nafplio place of remembrance of the struggle for independence, exhibition in Vouleftiko Nafplio, έκθεση μνήμης στο Βουλευτικό Ναυπλίου

Participating Artists
Tassos Alexiadis, Sotirios Antoniadis, Marie Vlasseros, Irene Gonou, Aphrodite Grizi, Helen Deli, Vangelis Zervopoulos, Joanna Lianos, Michalis Madenis, Thanassis Makris, Magda Mara, Chris Bokoros, Christos Pallantzas, Miltos Pantelias, Dimitris Papahristos, Natasha Poulantzas, Vassiliki Sagkioti , Marios Spiliopoulos, Ioannis Stathogiannis, Stergios Stamos, Myrto Tzaki, Vangelis Tzermias, Kerasia Touliatou, Vicky Tsalamata, Costas Tsolis

Curator of Exhibition
Mrs. Lamprini Karakourti

Duration of Exhibition
July 17th to August 31st 2021

The exhibition is presented in the building of the first Greek Parliament named "Vouleftiko" (Nafplio old town on Syntagma Square), where the Parliament of the revolutionary Greece was housed, contributing to the acquisition of awareness of the significant historical course of the Greek nation.

Opening hours
11:00-13:00 & 18:00-22:00


Did you know that?
The opening of the Exhibition took place on Saturday, July 17th 2021, at 19.30.
It is under the auspices of the Municipality of Nafplio, organized by the Municipal Organization of Culture-Environment-Sports-Tourism (DOPPAT)

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