National Gallery - Nafplion in the 19th century, Sunday, September 24th 2023

Du Moncel Teodore engraving of Nafplio 1830-35

The excellent book by Angeliki Markou, "Nafplio in the 19th Century - Testimonies and Witnessed Facts from Local Printed Media", published by the Argolic Archive Library of History and Culture, will be presented in Nafplio on Sunday, September 24th 2023, in the courtyard of the Nafplio Annex of the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum.

An in-depth study by Angeliki Markou, aiming to highlight the local history of the 19th century without chronological limitations that hinder the understanding of connections between historical events. The often thematic analysis of Nafplio's history delves into individuals and situations but cannot clearly demonstrate how each period influenced the actions of subsequent generations...
The 432-page study of the entire century through the utilization of the Nafplio press as a primary historical source offers the possibility of reconstructing Nafplio under a different perspective. Through the testimonies of the contributors, the collective perception of the city regarding its history is exposed. It represents the memory of those who played a role, as recorded in the consciousness of the residents...
The wealth of material and topics included in this volume explores various aspects of the city of Nafplio, such as self-governance, education, judicial authority, military structures, the press, cultural characteristics and cultural events, infrastructure, areas of economic activity (agriculture), industry and commerce, aiming for a broader recognition of the elements that constituted Nafplio's identity in different periods of local history...

old Nafplio 1900

Mrs. Angela Karapanou, Head of the Parliamentary Archives Department at the Library of the Hellenic Parliament.
Mr. Georgios Tassias, Philologist.

Ms. Lambrini Karakourti-Orfanopoulou, Art Historian, curator at the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum in the Nafplio Annex.

National Gallery, Annex of Nafplio - Alexandros Soutsos Museum
23, Sidiras Merarchias str. Nafplio, Τ. +30 27520 -21915 & -21935

Date - Starting time
Sunday, September 24th 2023 at 19:00


Did you know that?
Angeliki Markou was born in 1956 in Logganiko, in Laconia prefecture of Greece. She grew up in Peristeri of Attica, where she graduated from the 1st Practical High School of Peristeri. In 1979, she received her degree from the School of Pharmacy at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 2009, she obtained her degree in Homeopathy from the National Homeopathic Medical Collaboration. She attended international conferences in Pharmacy and Homeopathy and engaged in research in Homeopathy, Pharmacognosy, and Phytotherapy. Since 1981, she runs a pharmacy in Peristeri.
She has traveled to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America. She has passionately visited almost all the inhabited and uninhabited islands of Greece and, in recent years, has been exploring their ancient and new paths on foot. She is a member of the Mountaineering Club of Spata and a friend of the Mountaineering Club of Athens. Throughout her life, she has been involved in poetry, prose, and theater, and in recent years, she has discovered painting. Since 1981, she has been married to Evangelos Andreou, with whom they have three children.

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