Old Epidaurus - Small ancient theater of Dionysus

The Old Epidaurus is a fishing village, that bustles with tourists in the summer. If you find yourself in the village on July, you will see on the waterfront the open-air market, where local producers sell their products.

A summer resort
As you rightly suspect, the settlement around its harbor has evolved into a well-known summer resort, mainly because of the famous Festival and the surrounding archeological site... What will you see here? Of course, you have to visit the "Island", which is not the famous Spinalonga of Crete, but the peninsula that is right next to Old Epidaurus. Here are the remains of the Acropolis of Vassa. A part of the ancient city was discovered in the sea! Also, you can see the Roman walls as well as the Small Theater of Epidaurus. The theater dedicated to Dionysus - which in fact is not small, since it can accommodate 6,000 spectators - was built in the 4th century BC. and until 1971 it was buried at a depth of 6 meters! If you find yourself here in July, you will have the opportunity to watch the events of the Music July. There are a lot of concerts that take place here, within the framework of the Athens Festival. And there will not be all that you do here in the second month of the summer: go to the harbor and visit the open-air market, set up by local producers with their products. This is the famous Festival of Agritourism.

Driving towards the Old Epidaurus
From Nafplio: Driving in the Asklipiou Street, you will follow the ring road to the direction of Old Epidavros. You will pass through Ligourio village and will continue until the right entrance to the Old Epidaurus -you will see a sign. It will not take you more than 40 minutes (39,14 km.).
There is, of course, another route, which you could call a mini trip, but it's nice: Follow the signs for Drepano-Tolo and you will pass through Drepano, turn left and cross the coast going through Vivari (you can make a stop for fresh fish there!). Once you reach Kandia, you will turn left at the sign to Ligourio. The road through the mountain will take you to the area in 20 minutes.

Epidaurus small theater, Μικρό Θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Mikro theatro
Παλιά Επίδαυρος, Palaia Epidavros

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