Spetses - The island of the Greek Revolution

Spetses, one of the most important islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, is known not only for its contribution to the Greek Revolution of 1821 (against the Turkish occupation), but also for its beauty. An island that, from antiquity to the recent years, has played a very important role in the history of Greece. This is something that becomes immediately apparent, from the moment you step on the island.

Worth to see
The three hundred years old mansion, where Admiral Laskarina Bouboulina lived and which today operates as a museum (admittance: 6,00€).
The Spetses Museum, which is housed in the mansion of Hatzigiannis-Mexis, one of the first Lords of the island during the Greek revolution. Among the exhibits, you can see vases of the Early Hellenic and Classical period, sculptures and coins from Roman and Byzantine times, post-Byzantine icons and other ecclesiastical objects, clothing and objects of daily use. Very important, also, are the relics of the Greek revolution, such as the Revolution's Flag, the bones of Laskarina Bouboulina, weapons and portraits of the Spetses naval battle, watercolors and oil paintings of ships of the Revolution, etc. (admittance: 3,00€).

Did you know that?
In early September, with the famous Armata festival, the island celebrates the burning of the Turkish flagship, which took place in 1822. The festival includes theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions, musical performances. Its duration is an entire week and finishes with a wonderful spectacle, the representation of the naval battle of Spetses.
Car traffic is prohibited on the island. During the touristic season, there is also a restriction from 19:00 to 02:00, where traffic is prohibited for motorbikes and motorcycles.
Mme Laskarina Bouboulina is the only woman with the title of Admiral in World's History.

How to go
Distance from Nafplio: 89Km
Road: Medium
Tolls: No Tolls
Estimated Time: Almost 2 hours
By car
From Nafplio, you take the general direction to Kranidi, Porto Cheli and Kosta. Initially, taking from Nafplio the Asklipiou Avenue, you follow the road to Ancient Epidaurus. After the town of Lygourio, following the signs to Kranidi, you reach the provincial road to Porto Heli. Arriving there, you follow the provincial road to Kosta, a small seaside village.
From Kosta you can take a ferry boat, boats and sea taxis, to reach your destination.
By bus
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By boat
During the summer period, you can take the boat from Tolo and follow a one-day cruise to Hydra and Spetses. You can see timetables and tickets here



Spetses island, Σπέτσες
spetses island, Σπέτσες
spetses island, Σπέτσες

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