Tolo - Ideal place for vacations

Tolo, welcoming place for an ideal vacation
Picture this: long sandy beach, sun shining, kids playing in the sand, afternoon walks with ice cream at hand to Bouboulina and Sekeri streets... The memories from vacations in Tolo, although as sweet, always taste a bit like sea salt...

Most dear to everyone
Everyone knows Tolo: apart from its hospitable permanent residents (those of us living in big cities are admittedly very jealous of them), many are the ones who keep their country houses in the area and even more are those who prefer it for their summer holidays. In whatever category you include yourselves, one thing about me is for sure: the seaside village of Tolo is one of my favorite Greek destinations.

You find everything here
And not by chance, since the area offers whatever your soul desires. Traditional hospitality (which we all seek), natural beauty, ideal location for excursions to the archeological sites all around, as of course a beautiful, crystal clear sea! 
As for accommodation, if you are not one of the lucky owners of a holiday house, here you find a huge selection of hotels, furnished apartments and rooms. Are you asking about food? No need! There is also a wide variety of choices on what to eat (fresh fish, local meat, fast food), while the nightlife lovers will not have to move -the bars and clubs in Tolo, after all, are rather famous...

Holidays without a car
Moms and dads, you will find your summer paradise here, as your kids will play in the "Psili Ammos" beach for hours and find everything you need one step away, without even getting in the car. Who wants to spend time driving on vacation?
I am not referring -of course- to parents only, but also to couples, to older people, for whom driving is nothing but suffering under the hot summer sun, or even to the groups of young boys and girls, who do not even have means of transportation.
I will not write for you anything more. We will say the rest in Tolo! Meet you at the beach!

Did you know that?
From Tolo, you can visit Ancient Assini, Epidaurus, Αncient Tiryns, MycenaeArgos and Nafplio by car, while programmed cruises can take you to Spetses, Hydra, Poros, Monemvasia, even to Nafplio by night!
While the modern history of Tolo begins in 1830, when the "Minoa" community was created, there is a report of the Tolo bay in Homer!
"Psili Ammos", the sandy beach of Tolo, is considered one of the most favorite in Nafplio. In addition to its golden sand, another serious plus is that it offers a variety of water sports.
Taking a boat tour, you can visit other nearby beaches, such as Plaka and Kondili beach.

Do not forget to take a boat tour, to visit the nearby two uninhabited islets, Romvi and Koronisi, inside the bay of Tolo.
On Koronisi islet, light up a candle in the Byzantine church of the Holy Apostles. On the island, there was an old Monastery, which served as priestly training school, that's why you will also hear the name "Daskalio".
In "Romvi" islet, the Venetian commander of the naval and ground forces General Francis Morosini had set up his headquarters, in order to liberate Nafplio from the Turks.

How to get there
Distance from Nafplio: 12 km
Road: Very good
Tolls: No tolls
Estimated time: Almost 15 minutes
By car
At the end of Asklipiou Avenue in Nafplio, reaching the roundabout of "Agia Eleousa", you turn right towards Tolo following the signs.
By bus
The Nafplio-Ancient Assini-Tolo route in the summer, stops in "Psili Ammos" beach as well! You can see the bus routes on a frequent daily basis here

holidays in Tolo, διακοπές Τολό, διακοπές Ναύπλιο, Nafplio vacations
holidays in Tolo, διακοπές Τολό, διακοπές Ναύπλιο, Nafplio vacations
holidays in Tolo, διακοπές Τολό, διακοπές Ναύπλιο, Nafplio vacations
holidays in Tolo, διακοπές Τολό, διακοπές Ναύπλιο, Nafplio vacations
holidays in Tolo, διακοπές Τολό, διακοπές Ναύπλιο, Nafplio vacations

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