Antigoni: A vintage baptism in Nafplio

It is easy to wonder if childhood is consistent with balance, and if so, how is it depicted and what is the result?

Characteristic is the answer given by the pictures of the baptism of sweet Antigone, where the baby element is in harmony with the naturalness of the flowers, the toning aroma of lavender, the natural feeling left by the ear and the neutral colors of the fabrics.

A loving doll welcomes you in a lightly pedaling way in her swing and the butterflies reside in the wooden box of the favors, while at the same time aromatic plants and wooden tillips are offered to both large and small guests as a sign of gratitude and pleasure.
Nothing superfluous, with every material representing a role, leaving little detail to be the special touch and reminding you why you are in the field.
Finally, it is beautiful sometimes to be interchangeable and to see things from a different angle ...

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βάπτιση, baptism decoration, διακόσμηση βάπτισης, vintage
βάπτιση, baptism decoration, διακόσμηση βάπτισης, vintage