Rafaela: A shiny "mini" star!

It is sometimes that a small stimulus is enough to cause countless associations. Somehow that was the case with the baptism of Raffaella. Her image and the words of her parents were enough to start planning her christering. Minnie Mouse's short and funny face, which is at the same time full of carefree femininity, looks like the perfect idea. It has the ability to evolve design and the privilege to adapt to the image you want to perform, without of course having to change its main features. So without limitations and with great imagination you touch the desired result!

Decoration: Design & Ιmplementation
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Few words from the parents

"For us, Rafaela is our little princess, the most precious gift of life! And of course we wanted only the best. Discover Nafplio Weddings team played the most important role in the baptism of our small princess and we really thank them from our heart because they implemented everything we wanted for that day. We wish to all the team good luck to what you do... just because you are unique. "

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