Little Theater of Epidaurus - Performances programme 2022

Μικρό θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Little Theater of Epidaurus, Small Epidaurus Theatre

A complex program of musical and theatrical events is scheduled this summer in Little Theater of Epidaurus, which premieres on July 2nd 2022 with the musical group Takim, inviting Festival audiences to a journey through Greek music, from the Dionysian vibe of Greek traditional fairs to quieter celebrations...

After the Takim band, with Eleni Vitali, Kostas Triantafyllidis, and Sofia Papazoglou, follows a tribute to the music and the multifaceted work of Nikos Kypourgos for the theater, the "Kypo-Theatrical", which extends from the Ancient Drama to the musical.
This year, three renowned authors, Kallia Papadaki, Elias Maglinis and Christos Homenidis, talk to Sophocles' Aias, Alkistis and Euripides' Ion, respectively. Effie Theodorou directs "Roots of Cotton" by Kallia Papadaki, Syllas Tzoumerkas directs "Wahncau" by Elias Maglinis, while Homenidis directs "Does the bird become a tree?", which we will know from its publication in Greek and English, in the context of the theatrical series of the festival.
"Epitrepontes" ("The Arbitration" or "The Litigants"), one of the most important comedies of Menander, goes up in Little Theater of Epidaurus directed by Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou, while Euripides Laskaridis prepares the play named "Tourne"; a look at the strange stories we tell about ourselves and antiquity, inside an amphitheater dedicated to Dionysus.


July 2nd 2022 - 21:30
Takim (Periplanomeno /wandering)
With Eleni Vitali, Kostas Triantafyllidis, and Sofia Papazoglou

July 9th 2022 - 21:30
Ta Kypo-Theatrika - Νikos Kypourgos

Theater / Contemporary Ancients Cycle
15 & 16 Ιουλίου 2022 - 21:30
Roots of Cotton - Effie Theodorou
(by Kallia Papadaki / After Sophocles' Ajax)

July 22nd & 23rd 2022 21:30
"Epitrepontes" by Menander (Premiere) - Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou

August 5th & 6th 2022 - 21:30
The Wahncau File (Premiere) - Syllas Tzoumerkas
(by Elias Maglinis, after Euripides’ Alcestis)

July 29th & 30th 2022
- 21:30
Osmosis - Euripides Laskaridis (Tourné)

Μικρό θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Little Theater of Epidaurus
Μικρό θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Little Theater of Epidaurus, Small Epidaurus Theatre

All performances are played with Greek and English surtitles. 
Parking for private cars in the parking lot of Old Epidaurus (port). You need to walk about 10 minutes to get to the theater.
For any inconvenience and delay to be avoided, due to the current Covid-19 health measures, you are advised to arrive 90΄ before the start of each performance.
There is limited parking space; however cars transporting wheelchair users are allowed to park very near the theatre. Festival ushers will help with the transportation from the theatre car park to the venue.

Box office info
Τ. +30 210-7234567 (Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00). Purchase online:

Not permitted
Entry into the theatre after the start of a performance, except during an interval.
The attendance of children under the age of six.
Smoking, and the consumption of food and drink inside the theater.
The use of mobile phones during performances.
Entry into the theater in high heels.
Photography, with or without flash, and sound or video recording during a performance.
The tipping of staff.

Did you know that?
The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is Greece’s leading cultural Organisation and one of the oldest continuously running festivals in Europe, spanning now 65 years of vivid cultural presence. Theatre director Katerina Evangelatos was appointed Artistic Director in September 2019.
The books of the Festival were in great demand last year, which even led to reprints, while they also successfully travelled after the end of the festival period at the International Book Fairs in Frankfurt and Thessaloniki.
The Small ancient theater of Epidaurus dedicated to Dionysus -which in fact is not small, since it can accommodate 6,000 spectators- was built in the 4th century BC. and until 1971 it was buried at a depth of 6 meters! 
From Nafplio by car, you can be there within 40 minutes tops (39.14 km).


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