Arodo - Airmonia fitness event, Sunday, July 3rd 2022

Αρόδο Αηρμονία summer event, Arodo Airmonia summer wellness event

On Sunday, July 3rd 2022 in the evening, an original, unique event will take place at Arodo - Beach Bar Restaurant, in the Kandia Beach of Nafplio, combining fun with uplifting music and cool drinks, along with exercise and useful tips for health, well-being, harmony and beauty.

The Airmonia fitness hall, in collaboration with the Arodo Café Beach Bar Restaurant, present us original -and more known- fitness programs, such as Kangoo jumps, Step aerobics, Zumba, etc., in which everyone will be able to join or try!
Give your body and yourself a chance to renew and change! You can discover new programs, ideal for every kind of body, but also useful tips, all guided -of course- by specially trained gymnasts in each of them.
Let's go have fun working out and drinking cocktails!...

Αρόδο Κάντια Ναυπλίου, Arodo beach bar Kantia Nafplio Peloponnese
cocktail at the beach, γρανίτα κοκτέιλ στην παραλία

Arodo Café Beach Bar Restaurant, in Kandia Beach of Nafplio (Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece)

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Airmonia fitness Hall (Α{η}ρμονία) in Nafplio Greece
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Αρόδο - Beach Bar Restaurant
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Did you know that?
The A{i}rmonia fitness hall is a sophisticated, model fitness center in Nafplion and its "soul" is the ever-moving Elena Katsigianni (Instagram: @airmonia).
It is the first event of this kind that takes place in the region.

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