C.H.S. Nafplio - Nea Kios & historical memory, Monday October 17th 2022

Bourtzi, Mpourtzi, Μπούρτζι

As part of the commemoration events for the Asia Minor Catastrophe, which are co-organized by the Basil Papantoniou Foundation and the Municipality of Nafplion, on Monday October 17th 2022 at the Center for Hellenic Studies of Greece of Harvard University (CHS Greece), two important speeches of historic and ethnologic interest will be presented, about the refugee town of Nea Kios and its history; one of Mrs. Virginia Matseli, Ethnologist and General Secretary of the Vassilis Papantoniou Foundation (IBP), and the other of Mr. Vassilis Dorovinis, Lawyer, Political Scientist and Historian.

Nea Kios was build from scratch, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe, in an area that was part of a large wetland ("swamp"), which had already been mapped on Kapodistrias' times, by officials of the French Scientific Committee in Morea. The land designated for the new settlement was surveyed and urbanized by State technicians.
The first settlers did not come only from Kios, but also from other regions of Asia Minor. This is how the family of the scholars of Constantinople Christos and Hypatia Deli, with their young daughter Eva, also ended up there.
Even if it is forgotten today in Argolis, Nea Kios and the Deli family cannot be separated.
Nowadays, historical memory has weakened or is being selectively used. Nea Kios developed into one of the most dynamic settlements of Argolis, with the militancy and hard work of its settlers and inhabitants. But it should be emphasized that Christos Delis was not only a scholar, but also a pioneering businessman, who gave life to the settlement with the silk factory he built, created and operated in Nea Kios, while he was also its president for many years.
Historical memory without a connection to material evidence cannot survive. In the presentation that will take place, the beginnings of the settlement will be shown, which unfortunately in our time are almost completely swept away. Also, the contribution of the Deli family will be highlighted, as also the need to find and study their archive.

Speakers - Lectures
Virginia Matseli, Ethnologist and Secretary General of the Board of Directors of the BPF - Lecture's title: "The first settlement of refugees in Nea Kios and its Folklore Museum".
Vassilis Dorovinis, Lawyer, Political Scientist and Historian - Lecture's title: "Nea Kios and historical memory: another uprooting?"

παραλία Νέας Κίου 1940-45, Nea Kios to Argos view 1940-45
Philhellinon square, plateia Filellinon, πλατεία Φιλελλήνων

Conducting place
CHS Greece, Nafplio, Philhellene Square and 1, Otto Street, T. (+30) 27520 47040

Day / Starting hour
Monday, October 17th 2022 at 18.00.

Basil Papantoniou Foundation (BPF) - Museum, 1 Sofroni & Vassileos Alexandrou streets
Τ. +30 27520 28379, 28947
Also, CHS Greece, Nafplio, Philhellene Square and Otto Street, T. (+30) 27520 47040 (daily 10:00–17:00.

Did you know that?
Participants do not need to have previous knowledge about the subject and attendance of the lectures is free.
The organizer is the Basil Papantoniou Foundation (BPF) under the auspices of the Municipality of Nafplio (DOPPAT) and the hosting of the presentations is offered by the Center for Hellenic Studies of Greece (CHS) in Nafplio.
The purpose of the B. Papantoniou Foundation -ex Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (PFF)- is the research, recording, study, rescue and dissemination of the latest Greek and world culture in general and in all its forms and manifestations. Don't forget to visit the Museum as well!

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