Nafplio - "Apokries" Carnival: Let the Festivities Begin! - Sunday, February 25th 2024

μαριονέτες απόκριες Ναύπλιο, giant puppets carnival of Nafplio

With a colorful and imaginative procession, the Triodion and the "Apokries" Carnival begins in the city of Nafplio. On Sunday, February 25th 2024, Carnival is announced, and this year, it's filled with music, dance, and youthful energy!

Guided by the percussion of the Nafplio Municipal Philharmonic, under the instruction/direction of the maestro and chief musician Theodosios Antoniadis, the carnival rhythm begins in the city and primarily sweeps along the "enthusiastic" fans of Carnival, the children...
Masked or not, they hop on their bicycles or scooters and set off from the "Pergola" for lively rides, all the way to the Square of the Three Admirals. There, they meet the dance groups, and the carnival pulse intensifies.
Music, dance, and youthful energy flood Vassileos Konstantinou street, and everyone ends up together in Syntagma Square.

Δημαρχείο Απόκριες Ναύπλιο, Town Hall Nafplio welcomes Carnival
Apokries Nafplio, Carnival in Nafplio, Απόκριες στο Ναύπλιο

Here, in the heart of the city, the celebration never stops! Carnival enthusiasts observe and participate in mask-making under the guidance of:
- The team of the "Poeme" workshop, which, with its young protagonists and the use of ecological materials, will create masks themed around forest animals.
- The Center for Special Therapies and Creative Employment "Dimiourgo" (I create). With the young explorers, they will create a carnival mask themed around endangered animals.
- Citizen volunteers, who will assist in carnival crafts.
We create, build and have fun, while learning to respect nature!

All together they complete a diverse puzzle and interweave, creating the Gaitanaki. The circular dance perfectly matches the color and spirit of Carnival. Colorful ribbons and joy are woven together in a dance of love and reconciliation, symbolizing the cycle of life, from life to death, from sorrow to joy, from winter to spring and vice versa.
The dance group of the V. Papantoniou Foundation
The Cultural Athletic Club of Nafplio "Chorokinissi"
The Tatsis Dance School
The Cultural Association of Agia Triada
The Greek Dance Workshop
The dance group of the Cultural Association of Assini

The final program of events and activities will be announced in the coming days. Stay tuned, and an unforgettable Carnival awaits you!...

Sunday, February 25th 2024, starting at 11:00

Route - Stops
"Pergola" - Square of the Three Admirals - Vassileos Konstantinou Street (Main pedestrian road) - Syntagma Square.

Did you know that?
The "Pergola," from where the children of the city dressed in carnival costumes will start with bicycles and scooters, is located at the intersection of "Endekati," at the beginning of Vas. Konstantinou pedestrian street. There, children often play or gather, and various events, exhibitions, and bazaars are held.
In our article "Old Town - Dances and “Gaitanaki” custom" you can find information about the homonymous custom, that spreads joy and happiness among young and old alike!
The title photo is by Vasilis Papadopoulos - Eurokinissi.

Καρναβάλι Ναύπλιο, Carnival in Nafplio

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