Nafplio - Epiphany Celebration 2024

Μπούρτζι Ναυπλίου, Bourtzi of Nafplio Greece

Our enchanting Nafplio is always a good idea for a refreshing escape -one day or overnight- even more yet on the three-days and other holidays; a fact known to everyone! But to celebrate Epiphany, it is perhaps a bit more...

On January 6th every year, we celebrate the great Christian celebration of the Baptism of Jesus Christ on the Jordan River, by St. John the Baptist. It is the third and final holiday of the Twelve Days period (Christmas holidays). In Nafplio, usually with a wonderful weather -as very often in winter- the shops and houses of the city are flagged (rising the Hellenic National Flag) and under the tunes and melodies of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the day's celebrations begin. In fact, the beginning of the chants and melodies in 2023 will take place from Thursday, January 5th at 18:00 in the Three Admirals' Square (Town Hall), where the Philharmonic of Nafplio will present in the streets and squares of the old city small separate concerts of Greek and foreign composers in a surprise show!
The Divine Liturgy of the First Blessing is performed on the eve of the Epiphany, in the Holy Trinity Church in Pronoia district of Nafplio. Let us mention, that Pronoia is an area that has recently seen a significant rise in tourism, thanks to neat and cute places of accommodation and interesting dining proposals, offered by notable entrepreneurs.
From the evening of January 4th, the Orthros and the Great Royal Hours of Epiphanies (18:30-21:00) are sung in the churches, which you can watch in an affecting atmosphere. Even more interesting would be the option of attending at dawn a Liturgy at the Agia Moni, this so close to Nafplio women's Holy Monastery. This is a unique experience, more likely hard to forget...
The Epiphany's day, after the Great Consecration, which is held with all solemnity usually (except this year and in 2023) in the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios, the Immersion of the Holy Cross (and blessing of waters) takes place at 11:00, in the coastal area (ex parking spot) called "P", in the port of Nafplio. The procession is proceeding, usually starting from the Cathedral of Agios Georgios, passes through the streets Plapouta, Angelou Terzaki, Vasileos Konstantinou, then through the Syntagma Square, then the Ethnikis Antistaseos str., and after the ceremony of the Immersion, the procession is heading towards the Holy Temple of Panagia. All these rituals, are taking place in the picturesque old town, which enchants us with its beauty and that all its narrow streets lead to the sea...

Nafplio is easy to walk from one end to the other, unfolding its magic at every step and offering endless photographic material, which will capture the unforgettable experience of your visit... Take care and Discover Nafplio during Epiphany too!

Θεοφάνεια στο Ναύπλιο, Epiphany in Nafplio, Theofania Nafplio
Θεοφάνεια, Epiphany, Theophania

Epiphany 2024 - Schedule
At 10:00 - The Great Consecration: it will be held at the Nafplio Holy Temple of Agios Anastasios, by His Grace the Archbishop of Argolis Mr. Nektarios, along with the Holy Clergy, in the presence of all local officials and authorities.
At 11:00 - The Immersion of the Holy Cross (blessing of waters): will take place in the coastal area (ex parking spot) called "P", in the port of Nafplio.

Did you know that?
The name "Epiphany" is derived from the revelation (manifestation) of the three Faces of the Holy Trinity, that took place in accordance with three relevant evangelical cuts.
This is the only and unique time that the Holy, One substanced and indivisible Trinity has actually appeared on Earth, as the complete "mystery" of God.
In the Gospel, Jesus' Baptism took place at the beginning of the 30th year of His age.
The Epiphany's Eve is the most important day, for the preparation of the believer to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, since strict fasting is followed in everything, except Saturday and Sunday.
In the past, popular belief connected the blessing of houses with the disappearance of goblins, who were imagined to run away in terror with the arrival of the priest.

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