Summer 2022 in Nafplio - Programme of Events

Nafplio evening view from Acronafplia, Δειλινό στο Ναύπλιο από την Ακροναυπλία

While the 31st Nafplio Music Festival ended on July 16th 2022, having been a huge success, a program of special and unique events follows by the Municipality of Nafplio, making Nafplio the center of a rich intellectual and artistic ferment.
The following events are planned for the last fortnight of July, while August is expected to be exciting too...

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, July 16th 2022
Anyfi village – Evangelistria Square at 21:30
The Municipality of Nafplio and the "Mai Nikolas" -Cultural Association of Anifi village, are organizing a traditional folk festival with the "Three & One" band, playing from the older traditional songs to the contemporary Greek music scene.
Neo Roino village at 23:00
Music and dance event, by the "Aris" Sports Club of Neo Roino village.

Sunday, July 17th 2022
Neo Roino village at 21:00
The Municipality of Nafplio and the "Agia Marina" Cultural Association of Neo Roino present a traditional dance event in the village's square, in view of the traditional celebration for Agia Marina.

Monday, July 18th 2022
Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) church of Pronia district of Nafplio at 21:00
The Municipality of Nafplio and the Ecclesiastical Council of the Holy Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) of Nafplio present a music and dance event, from the mixed traditional chorus, orchestra and dance sections of the Greek High School of Argos, as part of the celebration of 100 years since the Asia Minor catastrophe.

Wednesday, July 20th 2022
Syntagma Square at 21:00
The Municipality of Nafplio, in collaboration with the Non-profit Cultural Enterprise "Faris" of the Municipality of Kalamata, present a special dance evening, with a duet of a Spanish group.

χορευτικό από Ισπανία, Spanish teams duet Nafplio event
Εκδηλώσεις Πλατείας Συντάγματος Ναυπλίου, events in Nafplio Syntagma square

Monday, July 25th 2022
Waterfront of the beach of Tolo (Romvi) at 21:00
A musical evening dedicated to artistic and folk song, flooded by the light of the moon and its reflections in the sea... Artistic direction by Theodossis Antoniadis.

Tuesday, July 26th 2022
Drepano village at 21:30
The Municipality of Nafplion and the Cultural Association of Drepano present a musical evening, in the village's Square of Heroes.

Wednesday, July 27th 2022
Tolo beach waterfront (Barbaressa) at 21:00
A musical evening dedicated to artistic and folk song, flooded by the light of the moon and its reflections on the sea... Artistic curation Theodosis Antoniadis.

Thursday, July 28th 2022
Pedestrian Vassileos Konstantinou road (in the area of the statues, in Kolokotroni Park) at 21:00.
Brahms concert (Johannes Brahms) with young musicians: Georgios Daskalakis in the violin, Philivos Gatzios in the piano, in the plays:
Brahms, two sonatas for violin and piano op. 72 in G major and op. 100 in A major
Brahms, Scherzo in C minor

Friday, July 29th 2022
In the train car, old Railway Station, at 20:30
Presentation of the latest book by the author Grigoris Haliakopoulos, entitled "The color of unbelief" by "Kaleidoscope" publications. Co-organizer: Municipality of Nafplion and "O Palamidis" Progressive Association of Nafplio.

Nafplio Philharmonic Orchestra, Φιλαρμονική Ναυπλίου
Musical Odyssey Nafplio, Μουσική Οδύσσεια Ναύπλιο

Saturday, July 30th 2022
OSE Small Theater at 20:30
Event by "O Taxiarchis" sports club. It will include historical references and Greek traditional dances, in the context of our city's celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, as well as the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster.
Syntagma Square at 21:00
The Philharmonic Orchestra of Nafplio, in a musical evening dedicated to the 200-plus years since the Greek Revolution, presents a program of artistic and folk songs.
Composers, such as Yiannis Markopoulos, Christos Leontis, as well as other popular Greek songwriters, with their well-known unsigned folk songs over the centuries, will take us on a journey through the struggles of the Greeks for freedom and national rebirth.
For the first time, three songs by conductor Theodossis Antoniadis will be presented. Again for the first time, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nafplio will present its program with the participation of singers, under the direction and teaching of chief musician Mr. Theodossis Antoniadis.

Sunday, July 31st 2022
Pirgiotika village at 20:00
The "Agios Georgios" Educational and Cultural Association of Pirgiotika village, in collaboration with the Municipality of Nafplio, will present in the village's square an event, for the 150 years from Arcadia to the Village, in a journey of memories, through salvaged objects, as well as photographic material (Exhibition of photography and old items).

Friday, July 29th until Friday, August 5th 2022
Musical Odyssey: The Summer School of Music takes place in Nafplio, with the participation of internationally renowned musical artists and teachers. Classical music concerts, which will be held as part of the event's seminars:
August 1st 2022 in the Vouleftiko
August 2nd 2022 in the Vouleftiko
August 3rd 2022 in the square of Agios Spyridon
August 4th 2022 in the Vouleftiko
August 5th 2022 in the Vouleftiko, gala concert and awards ceremony.

δειλινό στο Τολό, Tolo sunset colors
Nafplio old train station, παλιός σταθμός τρένου στο Ναύπλιο

August 5th-28th 2022
Nafplio Book Exhibition, Onassis square, Port of Nafplio

Thursday, August 11th 2022
"Walk in the City", small theater of Akronafplia at 21:00.
The young songwriter Nicole Saravakou puts on with her band a dynamic show and takes us on a musical "Walk in the City", full of images, emotions and her personal confessions. She will play her own songs, but she will also put her own unique stamp on beloved songs by Tsitsanis, Kraunakis, Papakonstantinou, Paschalidis, Savvopoulos, Levidas and Delivorias.

Friday, August 12th 2022
Syntagma Square
 at 21:00
The Municipality of Nafplio, in collaboration with the musical group "Byzantine and Traditional Echoes", in the context of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor disaster and the celebration of the (traditional orthodox) Fifteenth of August, are organizing a musical program entitled: "Theomitorial and of Asia Minor songs", performed by traditional orchestra and vocal ensemble, under the direction of chorus-master Mr. Konstantinos Routoulas.

Thursday, August 18th 2022
«Π» spot, Port of Nafplio, at 21:00
A musical evening, with the Mixed Polyphonic Group of the DOPPAT Nafplion Chorus, the Youth Chorus of DOPPAT and the participation of the well-known Greek singer Kostas Makedonas, accompanied by an orchestra, under the direction of chief musician Mr. Theodossis Antoniadis. The artistic program includes famous hits of the Greek singer, but also other well-known songs from the Greek artistic and popular repertoire.

August 20-27th 2022
Nafplio Naval Events "Naftiki Nafpliada"

The Nafplio Naval Events under the name "Naftiki Nafpliada" is a celebration for the sea, organized by the Municipality of Nafplio, in cooperation with the "Palamidis" Progressive Club of Nafplio and the Association of the people of origin from Nafplio living everywhere named "Nafplios", honoring the Sea and the people who serve it. It includes a rich seven-day festive program, which is filled with guided tours, sea walks in the Argolic Gulf, exhibitions, screenings, speeches, book launches and musical events (the program is presented in a separate article).

Sunday, August 28th 2022
"Helen", Square of Agios Spyridon, at 20:30
"Helen" by Yiannis Ritsos: Theatrical one-act play with Veroniki Argentzi in the titular role. Directed by Dimos Avdeliotis.

Wednesday, August 31st 2022
"Farewell to August" musical journey, in The lighthouse of Nafplio at 21:00
The brothers Adrianos and Eleni Noni together with their fellow musicians will be with us, for a musical evening with Greek artistic and contemporary repertoire. For those who want to greet goodbye to the summer of 2022 by singing and dancing, we give an appointment at The lighthouse of Nafplio, for a dreamy concert, that will "travel" us afar...

Thursday, September 1st 2022
The lighthouse of Nafplio, at 20:30
The concert with traditional Folk music and songs (that was postponed from 25-08-22, due to weather conditions) will take place, with Thodoris (Theo) Papaioannou and musicians from ERT national channel. The event is presented by Mr. Christos Mylonas. Τhe main part of the concert concerns folk songs (known and unknown), that are inspired by Nafplion and its folk culture.

Wednesday, September 7th 2022
Agios Spyridon square | At 20:30
New date for the theatrical performance by the "Argolic Cultural Proposal", with the play "Ah... Maria", based on "Vera" by Kehaidos. It was postponed from August 22nd, due to weather conditions.

Friday, September 9th 2022
Philhellenon Square at 21:00
The concert of Gerassimos Andreatos, which did not take place on Sunday August 21st as originally announced, is being postponed here, due to weather conditions.

Boutrzi of Nafplio, Μπούρτζι Ναυπλίου
Ναυτική Ναυπλιάδα, Nafplio Naval Events

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