Nea Kios - "Wall between the Sun and the Earth", Sunday, June 11th 2023

Τείχος ανάμεσα στον Ήλιο και τη Γη, theatrical performance in Nea Kios 2023

The "Tragic" group, composed of students from the Department of Theatrical Studies in Nafplio, presents the play "Wall between the Sun and the Earth" on Sunday, June 11th 2023, in Nea Kios of Argolis. It is an adaptation of the well-known theatrical play "Roberto Zucco" by Bernard-Marie Koltès.

A play written in the 1980s captures the atmosphere of the era with a touch of poetic exaggeration. It is the author's final theatrical piece, as he completed it during his stay in the hospital in the last days of his life. How much has changed from the 1980s until today?

Description of the performance
What drives a normal boy, up until the age of 24, to suddenly kill his father? Is it some perversion? Is he sick? Does he want attention? Has he been influenced by someone else? Is killing one's father a new trend? But Roberto is a normal person, like everyone else, he's enrolled in university, he's not a thug or anything! Could he possibly be a hero after all? And what role does his acquaintance with the girl play in this? How normalized is violence, after all?
Attempting a surrealistic corporeal dramaturgical approach, deconstructing stereotypical conceptions of the body through non-realistic correspondences of language and imagery. This performance is part of the thesis work of the students of the Department of Theatrical Studies, Mrs. Frantzeska Spiri and Mr. Konstantinos Douzenis.

Τείχος ανάμεσα στον Ήλιο και τη Γη, theatrical performance in Nea Kios 2023
Τείχος ανάμεσα στον Ήλιο και τη Γη, theatrical performance in Nea Kios 2023

Supervising Professors
Mrs. Ioanna Tzartzani, Mr. Giannis Leontaris

Vasiliki Konstantaki, Niki Damaskinou, Nicole Notsika, Dione Zerva, Lefteris Papadopoulos, Anny Oustabasidou, Nikolas Katsarelis, Frantseska Spiri.
The voice of Thalassini Bitsanski Gouliamaki is also heard.

Direction - Choreography: Konstantinos Douzenis, Frantzeska Spiri
Photography: Mario Marino
Technical Support: Antonia Avnto
Lighting: Katerina Kanavou, Victoria Katsamaga
Makeup: Silouanos Sedikos

Starting time

The venue
Cultural Center of Nea Kios (Municipality of Argos), main Square of Nea Kios

Admission is prohibited for individuals under the age of 18!

Did you know that?
"Roberto Zucco" is a play by Bernard-Marie Koltès written in 1988 and published in 1990, freely inspired by the story of an Italian serial killer, Roberto Succo, crossed with the story of a "gamine", a young daughter in distress. This play caused a scandal during its first performances, because it was partly based on real, tragic, and still recent events.
Konstantinos Douzenis, together with his fellow student Frantzeska Spiri from the Department of Theatrical Studies at the University of Peloponnese based in Nafplio, presents the artistic part of their thesis work at the Cultural Center of Nea Kios, with an adaptation based on this play.

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