9 + 1 reasons to choose a Wedding Planner

The preparation of a wedding is so beautiful, but also so demanding! Especially if you are one of those couples whose leisure time is difficult to find, then everything gets rough and stress is inevitable. Moreover, if you are planning a destination wedding, then you will definitely have twice a trouble. Working with a wedding planner can take a huge burden off you and your beloved one, leaving you time to enjoy the preparations!

1. Save money
One of the skills of a wedding planner is to manage your budget, which of course you will have set. Any thought and worry about whether your money will be sufficient fades out, as you have a picture of that from the beginning. The tips and advice on where it would be good to spend more money and where to spend less, will help you a lot in making decisions.

2. Correct information
The professional wedding planner can guide you properly on deals and financial contracts, as well as the paperwork needed for the wedding. Thus, the bureaucracy process becomes much simpler.

3. Stress-free procedures
Enjoy your wedding by keeping things simple, stress-free from start to finish, with someone on your side who will vigorously fight for what you have envisioned. He will take care of every detail and push things, so that everything will be done according to your own, unique plan.

4. Tips that make a difference
Apart from getting everything organized, the role of a proper wedding planner has to do with the right advice, which is given throughout the cooperation with him. The relatives are maybe nice for advice, but in no way do we want to create anxiety to the couple. The planner knows exactly how to handle the anxiety and any concerns.

5. Proposals that suit you
One of the most important issues is, that the planner knows well the whole range of professionals needed, to successfully complete your wedding. He knows the pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages and always recommends the best. He recommends those professionals, who can easily and quickly meet your requirements.

6. Thorough testing
The planner supervises all the other professionals and ensures that the products and services reaching to you, are as they should be. The aim is to comply with the agreements and with your choices in full.

7. Time Line
A very important responsibility of the planner, is to draw the schedule of your wedding day and -of course- to make sure that is kept in full. That way, everyone knows what to do and when. From the time the preparation of the bride begins, to the time the wedding party starts.

8. Coordination of the day
The wedding day is a puzzle with several pieces, that need to be put together in the right way, at the right time, in order to visualize what you have planned for so many months... A wedding planner knows how to implement it!

9. Design
It doesn't matter if you know what decorations you would like in your wedding, if you have already thought about it or if you have not imagined it at all. Your wedding planner, along with experts in this field, will guide you according to what expresses you best, to create a unique result!

10. Chemistry above all
As you carefully choose any partner in your business, so select your wedding planner, which it is important to match with your vision. Feel free to ask him anything you want and listen carefully to the answers. After all, you will spend some time with him and it is vital to build a relationship of trust and communication.

Every couple is different, in terms of their needs and style. The Discover Nafplio Weddings team is here, to understand what you need and design with you inspirational moments!

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