Marriage Proposal on Christmas Holidays!

Do you feel the time has come for the next step in your relationship? Christmas is the right time! The special atmosphere of the holidays has a positive influence on our emotions, so we come even closer to each other and we are caught in its magic. What more perfect then, than a marriage proposal under these circumstances, which will certainly remain engraved in the memory of your future wife!...
Nobody else knows her better than you! All you have to do is choose the most becoming way to her and make her say the big "Yes"!...

For traditional future brides
Beside the Christmas tree, with the ornaments and lights glowing, kneel and offer the ring to her. For the more daring, choose a public space and kneel below the central Christmas tree of the city. Traditional, timeless and unmistakable way ...

For those who like surprises
Place the ring or your proposal note inside a Christmas ball (of those that open). Suggest to decorate the tree together and just let her hang this particular ornament. If for any reason you do not find the appropriate Christmas ball, simply hang it onto an ornament, or even on one of the visible branches of the tree! A good idea is to write on the Christmas ball "Would you like to be my wife?"

For those who like mystery games
Who does not like the game of "hidden treasure"? Hide under or inside Christmas decorative items various pieces of leading information. Give her a Christmas card with a riddle and the game begins! Choose "your treasure" to be placed in a nice place such as inside the manger or under the star at the top of the Christmas tree!...

For the incurably romantics
The bright lights and the flame of the candles is what dominates on Christmas! Choose a beautiful and decorated area and form with lights or candles the phrase with which you ask her to marry you, under the sound of a Christmas melody. To strengthen the romance, close her eyes before you drive her to the prepared place...

Seek help from your favorite four-footed friend
If you are not very good at words, let your dog "speak" instead of you! Hang a Christmas card under his neck, on which your marriage proposal will be written and let him go near her. The safest option! Who can resist the glance of a dog? The answer will definitely be "Yes"!

For the… already moms future brides
If your happiness is completed with the arrival of a child and yet you want to take one by one the steps until marriage, you have the proper "accomplice" by your side. Print a T-shirt with the message that expresses your intentions and dress your child with this or ask him simply to convey to his mom what you would like to tell her, giving him to play his own part in such an important moment for the family. Do not forget to record it on video!

If you finally chose the way, then nothing else remains than to pick the place!
Imagine how much more ideal all the above options would be, if the scene would be transferred in a different place than the expected. Surprise your other half, organize a trip and let the surprises follow one another. Romance, a special atmosphere and beautiful scenery are some of the key elements that the destination you choose should have. So travel to Nafplion and create unique conditions for an unforgettable marriage proposal, in a city that literally takes off when wearing her festive cloak...

Our advice...
The truth is that most women dream of the moment when their sweetheart will ask them to spend the rest of their lives together, but sometimes the overturn has its own sweetness. So if you are dynamic and you belong to the category of women who like to take initiatives, reverse the roles and leave him utterly astonished! Consider which of these categories would be more becoming to your beloved one and dare to propose. Do you think he would be able to resist you?

Wedding Proposal Christmas
Wedding Proposal Christmas
Wedding Proposal Christmas
Wedding Proposal Christmas

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