Kite Surf in Nafplio

From 145 €
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From 145 €

In this city one can finally do almost anything, even learn kite surfing! In an ideal shallow beach, with perfect wind every day and capable trainers, you can train yourself in a most interesting water sport and experience real excitement!
Read how it is done below and follow us, in a fascinating water-air sport, which will make your trip in Nafplio truly unique...

Type of activity
It is considered a water sport
For individuals or groups
In basic or advanced level.
Children from 10 years old may participate (always with the consent of the parents)
Easy training, due to the morphology of the beach (shallow waters)

Physical level

From 3 to 6 hours
Lesson of 3 hours includes:
- Theory
- Set-up kite equipment
- Take-off and landing
- Kite control in the wind window

Lesson of 6 hours includes:
- Theory
- Set-up kite equipment
- Take - off and landing
- Kite control in the wind window
- Kite control flying on the water
- Relaunch the kite from the water
- Body drags 1000 meters
- Bar use release safety systems
- One handed piloting the kite
- Theory water start and priority rules
- Water start first small rides

Starting point - Return
Dalamanara beach, at the 3rd km of the coastal road Nafplio - Nea Kios
Transfer from and to the beach of the activity provided upon request with extra cost

Experienced, fully certified instructor
Full kite surfing equipment (kite, board, helmet, hook, etc.)

Operating Hours
12:00 to 18:00 daily

Minimum: 1 person
Maximum: up to 15 people (up to 4 people per trainer)

Greek, English

Wear sports shoes and clothes, bring flip flops, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen

145€ / person (3 hours duration)
290€ / person (6 hours duration. It is held in 2 days in a 3 hours lessons per day)

Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation 3 days before, full deposit is refundable
In case of bad weather and if the activity can not be shifted to another day and time, full deposit is refunded

More info
The activity takes place from April to October.
Compliance with all safety and hygiene rules

Kite Surf στο Ναύπλιο