Wine Tasting Tour in Nemea

From 30 €
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From 30 €

Let's take a trip to the blessed land of Nemea, just 40 minutes from Nafplio. We will there get to know the process of production of local wines with international recognition, from the vineyard to the bottling and the wine cellar. We will better meet the unique Agiorgitiko, we will feel the flavors and aromas of the wine, guided by the myth of Hercules and Dionysus, the god of wine and viticulture. At the end of this unique tour, we will also enjoy this gift of God...

Type of activity
Guided Tour, Wine Tasting
Custom, private or group.
Aimed at people aged 18 plus

45 minutes

We start the tour from the vineyards of a well-known winery in the region of Nemea. We provide information on the principles of organic and biodynamic cultivation, which are crucial for an excellent raw material, the grape. We make a journey through time through the myths and history of Nemea. Of course, we are also talking about the special features of the PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) zone and the uniqueness of Agiorgitiko.
Next stop, the cork oak that adorns the estate's yard. An essential step in understanding how to produce cork, is to closely observe the tree.
We continue in the production area. Here, we connect tradition with modern technology. Among other things, on the one hand we have the grandfather's "strofilia" and on the other hand the modern spiritual press. We get a taste of all the stages, from the production of the grapes to the bottling. Of course we can't exclude the cellar, full of old and new barrels, from where the heady smell of ripe wine emerges.
Finally, there is no better way to close your visit, than by tasting the wines. The ideal way to see the results of all the procedures described during the tour.

Starting point - Return
Your hotel in the city of Nafplio.
If you do not stay in Nafplio, the Land Gate, at the entrance of the old town or the Nafplio port.
Transfer from and to your hotel outside the city is optional, with extra charge.

The seminar and tasting of 5 awarded wines
Snacks offered: a cold platter of various cheeses, cured meats, dried fruits, nuts and crackers
Local Escort
Transportation (pick up - drop off in Nafplio)

Conducting hours
April to October, 10.00 - 18.00
November to March, 9.00 - 17.00
The activity takes place all year round

Number of persons
Minimum 2 - Maximum 30

Greek, English

Possibility of shopping

From 30€ / person (from 15+ participants)
This wine tasting activity is private
Minimum number of participants 2, maximum 30.
For larger groups, please contact us T. +30 27520 22100, E.

Did you know that?
According to the myth, to Hercules in his first feat, after defeating the lion of Nemea, a nymph offered him a glass of wine, a gift from god Dionysus.
All safety and hygiene rules are followed.

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