Nafplio - The Mask, February 20-27th 2023

venetian carnival masks, βενετσιάνικες μάσκες

The "Palamidis" Progressive Association of Nafplio in collaboration with the Municipal Cultural Organization of Nafplio, presents an exhibition of art works having as theme "The Mask", in the cultural hall of the Association in Nafplio old town.

The theme of the current exhibition is directly related to the carnival period or Halloween, but also to the extension of the mask's influence in human relationships.
The exhibition could not be realized without the non-profit participation of the renowned artists, who with their inspiration and creations enrich the city's social life.

Vassilis Axelis, Ioanna Veleri, Takis Koroniotis, Adamantia Konstantinidis, Katerina Bekiari, Dimitris Mavrogiannis, Konstantina Nanopoulou, Maria Nikolaou, Io Pappa, Sotiris Stathakopoulos, Harris Tsekoura, Bozena Tworz, Dimitris Chantzopoulos

The "Palamidis" Progressive Association of Nafplio always participates in events related to culture, customs, ethnographic and folklore heritage, which happen and are revived in the social life of the city. As an organizer and/or co-organizer, he always declares his presence in the events of Nafplio, his love and respect for tradition and pioneering, for the previous and next generations of citizens, in the past and in the future, attracting young citizens to build their perception on solid values and principles.

αποκριάτικη μάσκα, mask of carnival
αποκριάτικη μάσκα, mask of carnival

The Exhibition’s opening, which is part of the 2023 carnival events, takes place on Monday, February 20th 2023 at 19:30, at the Association's building.

52, Staikopoulou str., at the building of the "Palamidis" Progressive Association of Nafplio, in the old town.
Τ. +30 2752 024520

From February 20th to 27th 2023 (Ash Monday)

Opening hours
For the exhibition: 19:00 – 22:00


Did you know that?
The "Palamidis" Progressive Association of Nafplio was founded in the year 1946. In the year 1951, the Association founded a library, which was enriched with 3,500 volumes of books, from its members' donations - however the Association was able to support the library for one year only. He then turned it into a Public Library and handed it over to the Ministry of Education (or Ministry of the Presidency of the Government?) on January 13th 1952. Since then, the "Palamidis" Public Library of Nafplio has been continuously operating and is one of the most organized and rich in book titles in Greece. According to writings, in the year 1960 already, the Public Library numbered over 15,000 volumes of books.
The Association's other activities include honorary events, painting and photography exhibitions, publications, speeches and lectures, the installation of marble plaques in historical buildings of the city, with a brief reference to the past of each, etc.

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