Shared municipal bicycles

If you want to take a ride on a bicycle, then you can easily use the shared bicycles of the Municipality of Nafplio. The system is open for use to any resident or visitor of the city, as long as they are at least 18 years old. Users will be able to pick up a bicycle from any station they want and leave it at any station.

Instructions for registering-buying
Users will be able to pick up bicycles from the existing stations, following the registration process that follows:
1. At the kiosk (with bank-card). Choose: "Register", follow the instructions as shown and the credentials that you chose will be sent to you by email and sms.
2. Using your computer. If you have CycloName & CycloPIN already, click "Login". Go to your profile page and choose "Buy subscription". If you pay with bank-card, your account will be activated immediately. If you pay via bank, analytical instructions will be sent to you regarding the completion of the transaction - this will need 1-2 working days and can happen through e-banking or via cash deposition at the bank-store or at Viva payment points (according to your email).
If you wish to acquire a New Account, Click “Sign Up”, fill in the registration form and complete the subscription purchase.

Town hall
Zimvrakaki Villa (Asklipiou str.)
Argous & Charilaou Trikoupi Str.
Ethnosinelefsis Square (Pronia district)

How to subscribe
To use the System, you must follow the steps below:
1. On the website, select "Login"
2. If you already have Cycloname and CycloPIN, type them, otherwise create a new account.
3. Buy a new Annual or Monthly subscription. Payment of the subscription can be made using a bank card (any debit or credit card Visa, Mastercard, Diners or American Express) or via bank (with a bank order that you pay via web banking or at the cash register of any bank).

Terms of Use
In order to use the System:
1. You must be a subscriber. You can sign-up here
2. Choose your subscription's duration.
3. You should have sufficient balance in your CycloWallet.

To release a bicycle
1. Identify yourself on the kiosk using your CycloName (or your CycloCard) and your CycloPIN
2. Choose "I want a bike". On the screen you can see your bicycle's stand number.
3. Choose "Get a bike". On the screen you can see your bicycle's stand number
4. Reach the bicycle's stand and press the blinking button
5. Release the bicycle.
Unlocking is confirmed by the changing sound.

To return a bicycle
Simply push the bicycle in the slot. No other action is required!
Locking is confirmed by a changing sound and the blinking green light. Please confirm that you have properly locked the bicycle, otherwise you maintain the liability for its use.

Select the subscription you want. Subscribers are entitled to unlimited free routes, as long as they do not exceed half an hour each time.
Annual, 29€
Monthly, 5€
Weekly, 3€
Two days, 1.5€
Daily, 1€
Daily Unlimited Routes, 3€ (routes are not charged!)

Duration of trip:
First 2 hours 0,00 €
Next half hour 0,50 €

Useful Tips
To be able to use the System, you must have an active subscription and a sufficient balance in your CycloWallet.
You can pick up a bicycle as many times as you want. If the duration of use does not exceed 2 hours at a time, there is no additional charge.
If you exceed 2 hours on a route, you will be charged according to its duration: for example, a route lasting 2 hours and 5 min. will be charged an additional € 0.50. Charging the route works practically as a "penalty" for holding the bicycle beyond the reasonable time. At the same time, it increases the possibility of serving more people with the same number of bicycles.
If after a ride your CycloWallet will remain without money, you will receive a notification in your email. To use the System again, you will need to "power" your CycloWallet (the minimum amount is € 1).

Did you know that?
The initial operation of the shared bicycle system in the Municipality of Nafplio began on May 29th 2013 and the official operation on October 16th 2013.
Every time you use a bicycle, the first 30 minutes are free.
The Bike Sharing System was designed for short-term rentals. The maximum period of use is 24 hours. If you do not return the bicycle within 24 hours, you will be charged the warranty amount and / or you will be prohibited from further using the system.
The action was funded by the Green Fund through the "Urban Revitalization 2012-2015" Financial Program.

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