Epidaurus - The famous ancient Τheater

Archaeological site of Epidaurus: The place that praises culture
In the summer of 2011, the ancient theater of Epidaurus, in the archaeological site of Asclepius, overflowed with people (theater lovers or not) who rushed to admire Kevin Spacey...
They say it is really hard, that an actor can stand and not being "swallowed" by the most beautiful theater in the world, where holy figures such as Alexis Minotis, Karolos Koun, Katina Paxinou, Maria Kallas, Anna Synodinou and Melina Merkouri have been glorified in the past. How many performances, controversial or not, have been performed here since Sunday, September 11th 1938, when the first performance took place since antiquity, the "Electra" by the National Theater, directed by Dimitris Rondiris with Katina Paxinou...!

Today, talking about Epidaurus, we automatically link the area to the famous ancient theater, but in antiquity the area was famous for its Asclepeion (or healing temple), the site dedicated to Asclepius (a hero and god of medicine in ancient Greek religion and mythology).

Worth visiting
As you find yourself in this fertile valley, that hosts the archaeological site of Epidaurus, apart from the famous ancient theater (having capacity of 12,000 people), it is also worth visiting:
The Guesthouse or "Katagogion" (den), where pilgrims of the place of worship were staying (lodging quarters).
The Ritual Restaurant complex where ritual meals were given.
The "Tholos" (Dome), the most perfect circular building of antiquity - the myth defines it as the home of Asclepius.
The "Stoa (porch) of Avaton", where the patients were housed.
The Stadium, where the athletic events and races were taking place.
The Asclepeion (healing temple), one of the most important treatment centers of the Greek and Roman world, which housed the gold and ivory statue of the god.

A visit at the Museum
Naturally, you will also visit the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus, to see inscriptions, statues, roof architectural elements and parts of important buildings from the sanctuary of Asklepius. Good to know that the Museum was built between 1902-1909 by the archaeologist Panagiotis Kavadias, who spent nearly thirty years performing excavations in Epidaurus.

Archaeological Site of Epidaurus: Open daily in the summer from 08:00 to 20:00
Τ +30 27530 22009 / 22666.
Epidaurus Archaeological Museum: Open daily in the summer 08:00-20:00. Mondays 13.30-20.00
Τ +30 27530 22009

αρχαίο θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Ancient theater of Epidavros, Epidaurus ancient theater
αρχαίο θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Ancient theater of Epidavros, Epidaurus ancient theater
αρχαίο θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Ancient theater of Epidavros, Epidaurus ancient theater

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