Little Theater of Epidaurus - Performances programme 2023

Μικρό θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Little Theater of Epidaurus, Small Epidaurus Theatre

With the subtitle "The Freedom of Others," featuring international arrivals, significant domestic creators, emerging artists, and new initiatives with a constant focus on extroversion, the artistic performance program opened again this year at the Little Theater of Epidaurus.


July 8th 2023 - 21:30
The Cretan lyre player Psarantonis is coming to the Small Theater of Ancient Epidaurus on July 8th, for a unique concert, as part of the Athens-Epidaurus Festival.

Theater - Premiere / Contemporary Ancients Cycle
July 14th & 15th 2023 - 21:30
"The Symptoms of Weight Loss" by Giannis Skarangas will be presented on July 14th and 15th, directed by Emily Louizou, at the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus. Inspired by Aeschylus' "Eumenides," it is a story about the gravity of traumatic memory, as well as the human nature, that carries the same unbearable darkness, whether on another planet or in a new era.

Theater - Premiere "Grape" / Contemporary Ancients Cycle
July 21st & 22nd 2023 21:30
Thebes: A Global Civil War
Pantelis Flatsousis explores the connection between the theatrical scene and recent history through the vehicle of documentary theater, focusing on the phenomenon of civil war.
Four professional actors from different countries of the world (Bosnia, Greece, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon) transform into narrators-mediators between the local and the global, the contemporary and the eternal, in a performance that combines documentary and fiction, theater and cinema, in dialogue with "Seven Against Thebes." Together with the audience, they trace the reasons why war, despite being detested by everyone, continues to shape human destinies.

Theater - Premiere / Contemporary Ancients Cycle
July 28th & 29th 2023 - 21:30
"Philoctetes" by Christos Oikonomou
Inspired by Sophocles' "Philoctetes"
Philoctetes is a leading figure in an armed revolutionary organization. After a failed attack, that resulted in the fatal injury of a young woman, he abandons the organization and seeks refuge in a place of self-imposed exile. The guilt for his deadly mistake marks him physically and mentally: he has aged prematurely, suffers from an open wound on his foot, and in his hallucinations, he sees the ghost of the dead woman. Years later, two younger members of the organization, Kamia and Pyr, take on the task of finding Philoctetes and convincing him to return to active action. Their encounter will take on the character of a confrontation that will prove fatal for all involved.

Theater - Premiere / Contemporary Ancients Cycle
August 4th & 5th 2023 - 21:30
"Does the Bird Become a Tree?" by Christos Chomenidis
Inspired by Euripides' "Ion"
Drawing inspiration from Euripides' unruly tragedy "Ion," Christos Chomenidis has written a play, that delicately and profoundly addresses fundamental and timeless issues: the roots of every individual, power, love, and desire.
Takis Tzamargias is inspired by Chomenidis' work and creates a performance, that exudes a euphoric Balkan atmosphere, with fancy dinner tables atop the offerings of Delphi and abundant champagne.

August 12th 2023 - 21:30
Stamatis Kraounakis, "Eros Unconquered Warrior"
The amorous Kraounakis...
Special Guest Lydia Fotopoulou

August 19th 2023 - 21:30
Greek Film Academy
Screening of the film "Phaedra" by Jules Dassin
The cinematic adaptation of Euripides' "Hippolytus," "Phaedra," starring the unforgettable Melina Mercouri in the titular role and co-starring Anthony Perkins, is one of the most well-known and beloved films by Jules Dassin. Dassin himself, along with Margarita Liberaki, wrote the screenplay, while the music is composed by Mikis Theodorakis. Costume designer Denny Vachlioti was nominated for an Oscar for Best Costume Design, and Melina Mercouri was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.
The screening of the film marks the collaboration between the Greek Film Academy and the Festival, simultaneously engaging with the program at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. The Festival begins with "Hippolytus" directed by Mrs. Katerina Evangelatos at the Ancient Theater and concludes with the cinematic "Phaedra" at the Little Epidaurus Theater.

Μικρό θέατρο Επιδαύρου, Little Theater of Epidaurus
παράσταση στο Μικρό θέατρο Επιδαύρου, performance in the Little Theater of Epidaurus

All performances are played with Greek and English surtitles. 
Parking for private cars in the parking lot of Old Epidaurus (port). You need to walk about 10 minutes to get to the theater.
For any inconvenience and delay to be avoided, you are advised to arrive 60΄ before the start of each performance.
There is limited parking space; however cars transporting wheelchair users are allowed to park very near the theatre. Festival ushers will help with the transportation from the theatre car park to the venue.

Box office info
One Zone, 5€ - 25€
Τ. +30 210-7234567 (Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00). Purchase online:

Not permitted
Entry into the theatre after the start of a performance, except during an interval.
The attendance of children under the age of six.
Smoking, and the consumption of food and drink inside the theater.
The use of mobile phones during performances.
Entry into the theater in high heels.
Photography, with or without flash, and sound or video recording during a performance.
The tipping of staff.

Did you know that?
The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is Greece’s leading cultural Organisation and one of the oldest continuously running festivals in Europe, spanning now 65 years of vivid cultural presence. Theatre director Katerina Evangelatos was appointed Artistic Director in September 2019.
The Small ancient theater of Epidaurus dedicated to Dionysus -which in fact is not small, since it can accommodate 6,000 spectators- was built in the 4th century BC and operated for about 7 centuries. Until 1971 it was buried at a depth of 6 meters, totally covered by an olive grove! Its excavation started by Mrs. Evangelia Deilakis in the beginning of the '70s and proceeded rather slowly... 
From Nafplio by car, you can be there within 40 minutes tops (39.14 km).


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