Drepano - "The Party goes on", Wednesday, September 13th 2023

microphone in live concert

On Wednesday, September 13th 2023 in the evening, at the central square of Drepano village of Nafplio, 'The Party goes on'! Our beloved Paschalis is coming live to a party filled with music hits!

The unique, one and only Paschalis welcomes us to the autumn season with "The Party goes on"! From the Olympians and the decades of the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, up to today, from our school years even, we listen, sing, and remember the years of a youth that endure...
On the guitar and vocals, with him once again is Stelios Mac.

The venue
Drepano village of Nafplio, central square

Day / Time
Wednesday, September 13th 2023 at 20:00


Did you know that?
Paschalis Arvanitidis (his full name), born on August 24th 1946 in Doxat village of Drama district, is one of the most acclaimed artists in the Greek pop music scene, with a significant body of work over the years. At the age of sixteen he formed his first band, the Drugstoremen, followed by the Brahms and at his eighteen, the Olympians. Later, he pursued a solo career. He has recorded over 30 major albums, many of which have gone gold and platinum, surpassing 200,000 copies.
A significant milestone in his career was in 1977, when he represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest along with Robert Williams, Bessy Argyraki and Marianna Toli, performing the song "Mathima Solfez" by George Chatzinasios and Sevi Tiliakou, as they achieved 5th place.
Drepano is a beautiful village, located 9 kilometers from Nafplio, surrounded by fragrant mandarin orchards and refreshed by the stunning Plaka Beach. In the village's square, you'll find the Church of Saints Adrian and Natalia, which celebrates on August 25-26th every year, hosting probably the largest traditional folk festival in the area.

Πασχάλης Αρβανιτίδης τραγουδιστής, Paschalis Greek singer

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