Iria - Artichoke Festival, May 28th 2022

The "Artichoke Festival" returns, taking place in Iria, on Saturday, May 28th 2022, in the village's central square. The event is organized this year also, by the Municipality of Nafplio in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Iria and the Local Community.
Artichokes cooked in different recipes will be offered to all and there will be live music.
These celebrations are held in Iria for more than twenty years, aiming both at the entertainment of local residents and growers, as well as in the promotion of the artichoke.
The artichoke festival highlights and displays the plant's nutritional value and its medicinal properties. But what is surprising, is the many possibilities of the artichoke in the kitchen and the delicious unique dishes suggested by the locals with the cooking recipes.
The events taking place in the square of Iria and in the picturesque harbor of the village, apart from the artichoke promotion actions, include activities, as well as cultural events for young and old. But they always end up in a traditional feast ("glenti") with music and dancing.

Buffet with dishes from the local product
The distinguished chef Mr. Iakovos Apergis will reveal small and big secrets of the culinary art and traditional delicacies will be offered.
Inauguration of the permanent photo exhibition, which highlights the life of the artichoke.
Speech related to its beneficial factors, by the nutritionist Ms. Anna Kapsioti. 
Exhibition of local agricultural products.
Theatrical event, under the guidance of the head of the Experimental Stage of DOPPAT Mrs. Valia Rentoulis.
Presentation of the customs and traditions of the place by the dance group (children and adults) of the cultural association.
The events will be completed with a rich folk music program with local artists.

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Did you know that?
Artichoke is the main product of the region's inhabitants. It is cooked in many different ways and can be maintained pealed and cleaned in the freezer.
Artichoke ingredients remove cholesterol. It is considered a medicine against atherosclerosis and liver deficiency, it is cardiotonic, it also has beneficial properties against kidney stone and rheumatism, it contains vitamins A, B, C, calcium and phosphorus.

artichokes, Γιορτή αγκινάρας Ίρια, αγκινάρες
artichokes, Γιορτή αγκινάρας Ίρια, αγκινάρες

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