Vouleftiko - Religious Oratory, April 20th 2019

The Municipality of Nafplio and the ecclesiastical council of the Church of St. Nicholas, on Saturday, April 20th 2019, is presenting contemporary religious oratory entitled "You crucified me, but I love you ..."

It is a performance with a celebrating and devotional character for our Lord Jesus Christ, in which all the actors (performers, chorus, musicians) participate spontaneously, as a need to express the religious sentiment, with the purity of the eye of a musical approach between Doxology and in Lament, in Crucifixion and Resurrection.

It is an idea of the ​​composer Mrs. Theolena Pikis, who signs the music and conducts the orchestra. The main interpretations are of Father Constantine Serros and Mrs. Liana Meletea in the leading roles, of the Byzantine Music Professor Konstantinos Routoulas, of Mrs. Johanna Sabine and of Mrs. Katerina Tsilogianni in the leading roles, of Elena Kalogeropoulou, Peny Sklavounou, Bia Koliatsou, and Georgia Garri in other roles, while the choral ensembles of Agios Nikolaos and the Holy Trinity church's  Educational Association participate.

Piano - keyboards: Mrs. Theolena Pikis
Arpa - Cello: Mrs. Johanna Sabine
Persian "kimetzes": Father Dionysios Tabakis
Mandolin - guitar: Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Mr. Evangelos Meleteas
Percussion: Giannis Kappos
Flute: Evi Boura.

Starting time

The venue
Vouleftiko, Nafplio


Θρησκευτικό Ορατόριο Με σταύρωσες μα εγώ σε αγαπώ στο Βουλευτικό Ναυπλίου, Religious Oratory in Vouleftiko Nafplio

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