Nemea - Great Days of Nemea, September 2-4th 2022

αμπελώνας Νεμέας, Nemean vineyards

On the 2d, 3d and 4th of September 2022, we are delighted to welcome the great celebration of Agiorgitiko variety, co-organized by Nemea Winemakers Association, the Municipality of Nemea and the Co-operartive Winery of Nemea. The Great Days of Nemea return with a dynamic mood and announce changes and evolution #nemeaevolution of the beloved Agiorgitiko and the region.
For yet another year, welcome to celebrate a three-day event with lots of wine, walks in the vineyards and the open wineries!

Open Wineries
Wineries that will be open to welcome you on the Great Days of Nemea with wine tastings, wine tours, and various other events.
Anagennisi Wines, Barafakas Winery, Cooperative Winery of Nemea, Gaia Wines, Karamitsos winery, Lafazanis Winery, Lafkiotis Winery, Domaine Vassiliou - Nemeion Estate, Domaine Nikolaou, Palivou Estate, Papantonis Winery, Estate Raptis, Semeli Estate, Sellas Winery, Domaine Skouras, Pirgakis Estate, Wisdom of Nature, Papaioannou Estate, Opsimos Winery.

Opening Ceremony
Friday, September 2nd 2022 at 19:00

Location / Venue
Archeological place of ​​Ancient Nemea, Temple of Zeus

Giannis Karakasis Master of Wine, Γιάννης Καρακάσης Master of Wine
Μπέττυ Χαρλαύτη σοπράνο, Betty Harlafti soprano

An interesting Masterclass led by the Master of wine (MW) Mr. Giannis Karakasis and a concert with the soprano miss Betty Harlafti in the Archeological place of ​​Ancient Nemea marks the beginning of the Great Days of Nemea:
19:00 - Arrival time
19:30 - Welcome by the Mayor of Nemea and presentation of the President of Nemea Winemakers Association on the developments of the region
19:45 - Masterclass with a tasting of Nemea wines, led by the Master of wine Mr. Giannis Karakasis, and at the same time a tasting for wine lovers (see below).
21:00 - Placement of guests. Award of Mr. Bouras Nikolaos
21:15 - Concert with mezzo-soprano miss Betty Harlafti with piano accompaniment  Participating Mr. Panos Perivolaris (Final Act) and Mr. Giorgos Tsokanis in the piano.
11:00 - Closing ceremony

Wine tasting
By the Nemea Winemakers Association and the Chamber of Commerce of Corinthia, a wine tasting is offered to the wine-loving public, which will take place in the same space, alongside the masterclass, with Nemean wines from various regions, of the winemakers participating in the "Great Days" events. It includes the following:
Nemea Statir 2015, Renaissance Estate
First Athlos Nemea 2018, Barafaka Estate
Agionymo Nemea 2019, Lafkiotis Winery
Nemea 2020, Opsimos Winery
Nemea 2020, Nikolaou Estate
Lexis Nemea Old Vines 2019, Zacharia Vineyards
Nemea 2015, Konstantin N. Pyrgakis Winery
Nemea 2018, Sella Winery
Miden Agan 2020, Papantoni Winery
Nemea 2017, Lafazani Winery
Nemea Reserve 2010, Nemeon Estate
Nemea 2018, Nemea Winemakers Association
Riza Nemea 2016, Karamitsos Winery
Nemea Cave 2018, Pyrgaki Estate
Duration of wine tasting: 90 minutes approx.

Participation Cost
10 € 

T. +30 27460 22487 | Ε-mail:
First come, first served, limited seats.
The participation is valid, after a registered deposit is made and sent by e-mail or telephone contact:
Association of PDO Nemea Winemakers / National Bank
ΙΒΑΝ: GR3301104290000042900176985

Did you know that?
Access to the Archeological site of Arch. Nemea is free for everyone, but anyone who wants to participate in the masterclass or the tasting, even the concert (free of charge) should follow the instructions of the Nemea Winemakers' Association by making the necessary reservations, because seats are limited.
Search for the specific individual Tour Program at the Winery you are interested in or collectively, on the Nemea Winemakers Association page Here.

αμπελώνας Νεμέας, Nemean vineyards
Μεγάλες μέρες Νεμέας 2022, Big days of Nemea 2022, Nemea Wind Land 2022

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