Nafplio Carnival 2024 - Everything Super, in Carnival's mood!

Apokries Nafplio, Απόκριες Ναύπλιο, Carnival 2024 Nafplio

This year, the Nafplio Carnival 2024 is presented under the title "Everything Super, in Carnival's mood!". The happiest and most cheerful celebration of the year has arrived, and once again Nafplio invites everyone -young and old, children and elders- to participate and engage all their senses in this super festive carnival, to the highest degree!

Super mood, super liveliness, super fun, inspired by the superheroes of our childhood, dominate this year's unique street carnival in Nafplio. With imagination and satirical mood, the various events of the Nafplio Carnival 2024 aim at the pure revelry of Carnival enthusiasts and the infusion of the Venetian style of our city.
The events, which began with the successful Opening of the Carnival on Sunday, February 25th 2024 and conclude on Clean Monday, March 18th include, among other things, treasure hunts, children's parties, chocolate festivals, concerts, carnival effigies (Greek Gaitanaki custom), dances by cultural association groups, street parties across the municipality, dominoes, Renaissance events, a carnival parade and the burning of the Carnival King.

Events schedule

Sunday, February 25th 2024

11:00 in Nafplio
With a colorful and imaginative procession, the Triodion opens this year in the city of Nafplio. Guided by the percussion of the Nafplio Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra, under the instruction and direction of the maestro-conductor Theodossis Antoniadis, the carnival rhythm begins in the city, primarily captivating the "enthusiastic" fans of the Carnival, the children. Dressed as masqueraders, they take their bicycles or scooters and set off from the "Pergola" for cheerful rides, all the way to the Square of the Three Admirals. There, they meet the dance groups, and the carnival pulse intensifies. Music, dance, and youthful energy flood Vassileos Konstantinou Street, culminating together in Syntagma (Constitution) Square. Everyone together completes a diverse puzzle and intertwines, creating the "Gaitanaki". The circular dance perfectly matches the color and spirit of the Carnival. The colorful ribbons and the festive atmosphere are woven together, in a dance of love and reconciliation, symbolizing the circle of life...
12:00 in Nafplio, at the Fougaro Art Center
"TouRoum PamPam!" - A musical storytelling performance for young and old. A journey from Mexico to China and from India to Egypt and back to Greece, with boat songs and tales from around the world.
18:00 in Assini
The Cultural Association of Assini celebrates the beginning of the Triodion with the colorful "Gaitanaki" of its dance groups at the village's square.

Friday, March 1st 2024
19:30 in Lefkakia
The Municipal Community of Lefkakia is organizing an outdoor carnival event, in the central square of the village.

Saturday, March 2nd 2024
19:00 in Neo Roino
The Municipal Community and the "Agia Marina" Cultural and Educational Association of Neo Roino are hosting a traditional carnival celebration in the village's square, with music, a DJ and lively dancing!

Αναπλιώτικο Καρναβάλι, Carnival of Nafplio

Thursday, March 7th 2024 (barbecue Thursday -Tsiknopempti)
12:00 in Tolo
The Municipality of Nafplio, the Municipal Community of Tolo in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Tolo, the Parents' Association of the Tolo Elementary School, and the Professional Association of Tolo are organizing a carnival celebration in the center of Tolo, with a DJ, music and barbecue feasting.
13:00 to 18:00 in Nafplio
The Municipality of Nafplio, in collaboration with the "To Anapli" Club of professionals in dining, is hosting a carnival celebration on Tsiknopempti, with live music and barbecue feasting on the Argous  and Aigiou streets.
17:00 in New Tiryns
The Municipal Community, the Cultural Association of New Tiryns, and the Parents' Association of the Primary School of New Tiryns are organizing a traditional celebration in the village's square with bonfires, music, DJ and lots of fun!
17:30 in Agia Paraskevi - Tselo
The Cultural Association of Agia Paraskevi - Tselo is organizing a traditional carnival celebration in the village's square, with bonfires, music, dance and lots of fun!
18:00 in Assini
The Cultural and Folklore Association of Assini organizes a festive evening in Contra - Agios Tryfon, with the carnival lighting of the fire, music, dance, and... hot air balloons!
19:30 in Pronoia district of Nafplio
This year, Pronoia will revive the traditional Tsiknopempti feast as in the past, meaning we will have a Pronoia-style celebration! The Municipality of Nafplio collaborates with the most "specialists" in joy, the children of the city, who will take charge of filling the beloved neighborhood of Nafplio with excitement and festive mood.
20:00 in Poulakida
The Cultural Association of Poulakida organizes an evening of revelry on the central square of the village, with the carnival lighting of the fire, music and dance.

Friday, March 8th 2024
20:00 in Nafplio
The wind ensemble of the "Kyvos Politismou" Association, under the direction of Michalis Tetoros, serenades from square to square playing carnival melodies.

Saturday, March 9th 2024
11:00 in the "Vouleftiko" hall of Nafplio
"The magical charm of carnival" - An interactive fairy tale performance for children with narration, song, and dance, by the "Paramythoperpatites" (Fairytale walkers) Mr. Andreas Manouhos and Mrs. Maria Bakali. Carnival with games, full of action and smiles!
17:30 in Nafplio, New Worker's Blocks (Nees Ergatikes Katoikies)
The Municipality of Nafplio in collaboration with the Parents' Association of the 4th Kindergarten of Nafplio celebrates Carnival in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of our Municipality, the square of Nees Ergatikes Katoikies. Bonfire, carnival spirit, music, dance, and endless play! Wear your costumes and come join us to celebrate like in the old days!
20:00 in Anyfion
The Municipality of Nafplio, the Municipal Community of Anoifi, and the Cultural Association of Anyfion "O Mai Nikolaos" celebrate Carnival in a wild atmosphere with the power of fire at the square of Agios Dimitrios in Anyfion.
20:30 in Nafplio, Old Town
"Historical walk" - A Renaissance event in the alleys of Nafplio, guided by Mrs. Tina Gkiola.

Sunday, March 10th 2024
11:00 in Assini
Making process of carnival masks and paper kites by the children of the village, at the hall of the Cultural Association of Assini.
11:00 in Nafplio, Syntagma Square
The children of the Greek Dance Workshop present local dances and carnival customs, from various regions of the country.      
12:00 in Agios Adrianos
The Municipality of Nafplio, the Municipal Community of Agios Adrianos, in collaboration with the Cultural Association of the village, organize a carnival celebration in the central square of the village. Joy, dance, entertainment, paper wars and confetti add their own color to this period of revelry...
13:00 in Argoliko
The Municipality of Nafplio and the Municipal Community of Argoliko organize a carnival celebration in the village square. They await us to celebrate with live music, wild dance and lots of fun!
17:00 in Nafplio, OSE Pedestrian Street
Carnival party for all children! The Union of Parents and Guardians Associations of Nafplio invites all children to dance to carnival rhythms, along with clowns, to get flour-covered, as tradition dictates, and to party... until the very end! Acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling, sleight of hand, and plenty of laughter, by the Rodriguez brothers! Costumes, streamers, and paper wars are our essential accessories...
17:30 in Agia Triada
The Educational Association of Agia Triada organizes a carnival celebration in the central square of the village, with various events, surprises for our little friends and traditional dances from the association's dance groups.
19:00 in Nafplio
The Nafplio Choral Workshop, under the direction of Yiannis Nikolopoulos, sings serenades and carnival songs in the streets and squares of the city.
20:00 in Plataniti
The Cultural Association of Plataniti organizes a carnival feast at the "Enjoy" café.

μαριονέτες απόκριες Ναύπλιο, giant puppets carnival of Nafplio

Tuesday, March 12th 2024
The Cultural Center of Iria organizes a wild carnival celebration in the central square of the village, with music, dance, and lots of fun!

Friday, March 15th 2024
18:30 in Pyrgiotika
The Municipal Community of Pyrgiotika and the "Agios Georgios" Cultural and Folklore Association of Pyrgiotika invite everyone to the burning of King Carnival. Women from the village will offer "gkogkes" and milk-pie. This will be followed by a traditional feast, with bonfires and lots... lots of joy!
19:00 in Nafplio, Old Town
The Mixed Polyphonic Ensemble of the Municipal Choir of Nafplio and the Youth Municipal Choir of Nafplio wear their carnival costumes and "dress up" with a mood for singing and "teasing" on the streets of old Nafplio. Ionian island's serenades, Latin, traditional Greek songs, as well as others with "spicy" lyrics! Come all together to become a big team, to sing and dance... without thinking about the upcoming fasting of Lent! (Teaching-Directing: Maestro-Chief Musician Theodossios Antoniadis)
20:00 to 23:00 in Nafplio
Live music throughout the city.
The Municipality of Nafplio, in collaboration with the cafes, restaurants of the city, and the "To Anapli" Club of professionals, organize musical events in the squares, alleys and streets of the city, with live music and DJs. A carnival musical stroll, with enthusiasm, joy and a pleasant atmosphere for residents and visitors, is set up at the following points: OSE Pedestrian Street - Kolokotronis Park, Megalos Dromos (Vassileos Konstantinou), Syntagma Square, Miaouli Coast, Pharmakopoulon Street, Queen Olga Street, Bouboulinas Street, Bouboulinas Square.
21:00 in Agia Triada
The Cultural Club of Agia Triada celebrates Carnival with a masquerade party and live music at the café Melidron, opposite the central square of the village.

Saturday, March 16th 2024
11:00 in Nafplio, Syntagma Square
"Treasure Hunt" game. Fun, exciting, with unexpected surprises! Teams of children are called to solve puzzles, utilize their knowledge, and face navigation exercises, through hidden clues scattered throughout the city. A game through which we learn to cooperate, to love, to...hunt! Edited by: George Alexiou.
17:00 in Drepano
The Municipality of Drepano, in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Drepano, the Parents' Association of Drepano Gymnasium, and the Parents' Association of Drepano Elementary School, organize a small carnival in Drepano. With the slogan "Hidar Fires", young and old will start a magical, rhythm-filled parade through the village and will end up in the village square for the burning of the Carnival King, with music, dance and revelry around the fire. However, Carnival without traditional treats, such as "gkogkes" and "galatopitas" (milk pies) not possible! A revival of the old good times, with serpentine, confetti wars and many masqueraders...
18:00 in Assini
The Cultural Association of Assini celebrates Carnival with music, fires, DJs and lots of dancing from the dance sections of the association, hot air balloons in the village square, and a float parade in Assini.
Carnival with a Renaissance color and Venetian aroma, adding finesse and romance of another era to the Carnival of Nafplio!
The "Venetian Carnival" is an institution, closely associated with the city of Nafplio, established in 1998, referring to the passage of the Venetians and the imprint they left on the city, in the field of arts, as well as architecture. Magical and mysterious, it evokes a world of fantasy and fairy tales.
Starting from the Square of the Three Admirals and following a route to Syntagma Square, we will witness the protagonists of the Commedia dell'Arte in a walking performance, transported through time from the Venetian era to modern Nafplio. In an improvised comedy, characters from 16th-century Italy, such as the Dominos and Harlequin, take center stage, touching the Greek audience and dancing to the rhythms of the tarantella. A journey through time, art, and culture!
The giant puppets of the Art25 group, disguised as superheroes, participate in the special street carnival of Nafplio. Well-known and beloved figures, for both young and old! Giant puppets wearing carnival costumes inspired by famous children's superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Tick, Storm, She-Hulk, Riddler, Spiderman etc., make their appearance in the city to communicate, entertain, dance with young and old and bring us joy! The "X-Saltibagos" street theater group will sweep us away with its appearance in carnival rhythms and dance games!

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th of March 2024
10:00 to 22:00 in Nafplio, OSE Pedestrian Street, Kolokotronis Park
"Chocolate Festival"
The Municipality of Nafplio and the Commercial and Business Association of Nafplio in collaboration with the new creative startup "Happy Elephant", as part of the carnival events, organize a chocolate festival. The festival is a celebration dedicated to chocolate, the greatest "hormone" of pleasure, combining activities of both culinary and educational content.
The activities with "culinary content" include:
Chocolate Tasting: During the festival, special products from all over Greece are gathered, aiming to offer tasting to visitors who will learn interesting information about chocolate production.
Chocolate Workshops: spectacular sweets based on chocolate, produced on the spot, in front of the visitors.
In addition, educational activities will take place, specifically:
Workshop "Make Your Own Chocolate" (ages: 8+)
Workshop "Kids as Pastry Chefs" (ages: 3 - 12 years)
Seminar "The History of Chocolate" (ages: 12+)

Καρναβάλι Ναυπλίου ντόμινο, Carnival in Nafplio dominos

Sunday, March 17th 2024
11:00 in Tolo, Main carnival festivities

The Municipality of Nafplio, the Municipal Community of Tolo, in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Tolo, the Parents' Association of Tolo Primary School, and the Tolo Professionals Association, organize the "Tolian Carnival", with animation, music, and carnival parade!
11:30 in the harbor of Nafplio
A walking event on the harbor of Nafplio featuring ladies from another era...
The spacetime brought the ladies of the 17th century to this city. They do not know the language, the world, the surrounding space, so they seek some elements, that will help them understand the reason for their presence here. The wandering begins. The escorts, soldiers of the era, discover the elements, that help them understand where they are. The first element, that catches their attention on their walk, is the fountain on Staikopoulou Street. Then, in the central square of the city, they recognize the grand mosque, which -as it was a proper Muslim mosque in operation- was majestic and beautiful in their time. Their time ends when they recognize their own arsenal-weaponry-museum. They feel familiar. They want to stay, but something draws them towards the sea; they head there and suddenly, they come across the Bourtzi. Their joy is indescribable...
12:00 in Nafplio, Syntagma Square
Concert by the Nafplio Philharmonic, featuring a repertoire in carnival rhythms! From Latin, Italian canzonettes, and the Greek music scene of the interwar period, to our immortal traditional dance music...! (Teaching-Directing: Maestro-Music Director Theodosios Antoniadis)
Immediately after, the "Chorokinessis" Association of Nafplio, along with the Dance School of Kostas Tatsis, lifts the crowd with carnival traditional dances from all over Greece!
18:00 - 19:30 in Nafplio - The Big Carnival parade!
The city of Nafplio will enjoy a colorful and joyful "wave" of excitement, with plenty of cheerful spirits from carnival revelers. Enthusiasts of carnival costumes, dances and events will offer fun and joy, not only to the residents, but also to the visitors.
The giant puppets of the "Art25" group, dressed as superheroes, participate in the special carnival of Nafplio. Giant puppets wearing carnival costumes inspired by famous childhood superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Tick, Storm, She Halk, Riddler, Spiderman, etc., make their appearance to communicate, entertain, dance with both young and old and create a super heroic carnival!
The "X-Saltibagos" street theater group will captivate us with its appearance in carnival rhythms, dance games, and... in a unique carnival parade! In Sunday's grand parade, the fun reaches a fever pitch!
17:30 - Gathering of groups on 25th Martiou Street (in front of the old Fire Department of Nafplio).
18:00 - Start of the carnival parade (Pili Xiras). Carnival parade route: Pili Xiras, Syngrou Street, Amalias Avenue, Kolleti Street, Nafplio port ("P" location).
19:30 - Burning of the carnival effigy. Colorful fireworks fill the sky of Anaplion and... the celebration continues with music and DJ.

Ash Monday, March 18th 2024
"Koulouma" custom in the City of Nafplio and in Karathona beach, where colorful kites fly all around the sky...
11:00 in the Stadium of Assini
The Cultural Association of Assini, continuing the tradition of Ash Monday customs, will celebrate "Koulouma" this year at the Assini Stadium by flying kites. Following that, a kite flying contest will take place!

Did you know that?
Musicians and other artists offer their services for free to the city!
All activities are open for participation.
The program is subject to change.
Photos: by Vasilis Papadopoulos - Eurokinissi

Super όλα και Καρναβαλικά Ναύπλιο, Carnival 2024 Nafplio

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