Gkogkes is the name of a traditional, handmade pasta of the region of Argolis. They are made from flour, water and salt. They are sauteed in hot olive oil, served with local manouromyzithra (local cheese) on the top.
Although the preparation is not particularly difficult, it is a food that needs "art" to succeed. The secret is in the cheese, which essentially melts with the hot oil and the pasta gets a special flavor. If you get to visit a home, particularly in the surrounding villages, then you will definitely find them.

Did you know that?
The Gkogkes (or otherwise gkogkizes) is a food that is traditionally made ​​on Halloween.
You can buy them at traditional grocers around Nafplio and in the old town or you can taste them in selected taverns and restaurants.

gkogkes, γκόγκες
gkogkes, γκόγκες

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